Okknos Prime

Changelings Everywhere!
Not all changelings are bad, just every single one that we meet
  • The town of Amollo is under a strange spell. No one can die, and anyone who suffers fatal injuries simply wakes up a little later. The city is quarantined, but this is not stopping Rekas Selchar and Orryn from trying to enter the city. Both Jin-Feyn Talvanae and Tabitha are assisting the city guard in keeping people out.
  • Orryn and Rekas are rebuffed by the guard when they try to gain access. Orryn wanders around outside and finds a magic tree. When he touches it, he is teleported inside. Rekas shows off for the crowds outside the city. Someone sneaks up and touches him. He is also teleported into the city, along with the old man who touched him. Both Orryn and Rekas arrive in the same watchtower, but at different times.
  • The guard captain realizes that someone has slipped past the quarantine, and sends Jin-Feyn and Tabitha to investigate. Jin-Feyn traces the teleportation magic to the watchtower, and confronts Rekas and the old man. After some searching, she finds Orryn too. The old man babbles about prime numbers and the four adventurers being the chosen ones. Jin-Feyn insists that Rekas, Orryn, and the old man must be brought to the guard, since they have broken the law. The old man warns of dire consequences if this path is taken. Eventually, everyone agrees to listen to Jin-Feyn.
  • Everyone is brought to the prison. The guards take Rekas’ and Orryn’s belongings. They are ushered into a small room, where guards prepare to execute the intruders. Jin-Feyn realizes the guards are imposters. A fight ensues. Rekas and Orryn retrieve their belongings. Eventually, more guardsmen come. The adventurers manage to convince the new guards that the old guards are imposters, and are allowed to leave.
  • The adventures question the old man, since his previous prediction has come true. He tells them that their destiny lies in a graveyard and with a man named Greg. He also explains that he belongs to a cult of mathematics. He invites them to his church for healing. Everyone goes, except for Tabitha, who goes to a bar.
  • The church is very boring, and the healing is very ineffective. Everyone goes to meet up with Tabitha. At the bar, the adventurers notice a man named Greg who matches the description that the old man gave. He approaches Tabitha and tries to get her to help with organ smuggling. Eventually, he tells Tabitha where to go if she wants to help.
  • Greg goes to leave the bar, but Jin-Feyn stops him. The man agrees to talk to her. He offers to give her information in exchange for money. Jin-Feyn agrees, but is able to tell the man is lying to her. She demands to know the truth. When Greg realizes he cannot deceive the eladrin, he attempts to poison her drink. Tabitha notices the bartender slip something into Jin-Feyn’s drink, and shatters the glass with her crossbow. Rekas passes by and shoves Greg into his own drink. At this, Greg whistles, and everyone else in the bar, with the exception of two unfortunate bystanders, transform into changelings.
  • Another fight ensues. Jin-Feyn telepathically asks a fleeing minstrel to bring the city guard. Orryn is knocked unconscious, as is a changeling. The city guard arrives. They do not believe the adventurers’ accusations until Rekas “kills” one of the disguised changelings. Upon his “death,” the changeling reverts to his natural form, lending evidence to the adventurers’ claims. The guards take the changelings into custody. Jin-Feyn eyes the guards suspiciously, and one of them winks at her. Jin-Feyn suggests that the adventurers retire to the Team Zalthannus guildhall for the night.
I dreamed a dream of badgers gone by
  • Our heroes are summoned to the royal palace in Bonifant. They are ushered into a room where Hilbert Cantormann, Hope, and Tabitha are waiting for them. Hilbert explains that the Yuan-ti have cast a curse on his people. Many of them are sick and dying, and those who are physically well are paranoid and on edge. He believes that his town is haunted by an ancient Yuan-ti spirit.
  • Orryn suggests casting the Dream Concordance ritual. This should allow our heroes to defeat the Yuan-ti menace. After some discussion, everyone agrees to this plan. Each participant in the ritual names one location or creature to create the dream environment.
  • The heroes find themselves in a cross between Hilbert’s and Orryn’s hometowns. Badgermen go about their lives. Thanks to Dryug, there is treasure everywhere. Belwar has a pet stone golem to keep him company. Suddenly, Yuan-ti appear and attack! Rekas Selchar’s nemesis, McGregor, is also there. Rekas quickly puts him down. The Yuan-ti do not last much longer. A few try to flee, but Dryug and some badgermen take care of them.
  • The town scene fades, and is replaced by a battlefield. Lillium the Flower’s haunting voice pervades this place of death. A ruined pirate ship lies off to the side. More Yuan-ti confront the heroes. These snakes are stronger than the ones that attacked the town. After a long battle, our heroes are victorious. The last snake to fall is the one that was causing the problems. Our heroes wake up, and Hilbert thanks them for their help.
Black Hole Foulspawn!
  • Our heroes engage the foulspawn in Wimbli. Meldy rescues her past self from a partially collapsed house before joining the battle. It is a long and difficult battle, complicated by enormous foulpawn that suck in everything around them, and a foulspawn mage that banishes people to a pocket dimension.
  • Once the foulspawn are defeated, Kyuzo Takimura berates Meldy for allowing this to happen. Meldy agrees that she is responsible. Dryug and Miria slap Kyuzo. Everyone heads off to find Adriana Prevot. She is sitting at the edge of the forest, much calmer than when the adventurers left her. She assures the anxious party members that she had nothing to do with the foulspawn incursion, and indicates that she is feeling much better now. Meldy walks off with Prevot to have a private conversation. Orryn attempts to follow them, but is spotted by Meldy. When confronted, he returns to the group.
  • The party returns to town to search for survivors. They do not find any. They begin digging graves for the dead villagers. Their conversation done, Meldy and Adriana return and assist with the grave-digging. Meldy speaks a few words over the completed graves, apologizing for her inability to save the town. Then, she leaves her younger self with Prevot and transports the adventurers back to the future.
  • Our heroes find themselves aboard a boat in the middle of the ocean. Okabe Rintaro tells them that they have succeeded in changing history. Nhilithra Zauath has not revealed herself. The heroes are returned to their own time.
New Bonifant and Old Wimbli
In the present, future, or the past, Dryug is still a pain in the...
  • The party finds themselves back on The Adriana. Meldy questions the presence of a dead orc, and Belwar offers a vague explanation, before dragging the dead body to the cargo hold.
  • Miria wonders if Adriana Prevot can be saved. Meldy believes that she can. In order to try, the party must travel to Meldy’s hometown, Wimbli, where Prevot and several Vitalian wizards fought each other and destroyed the town. Meldy believes that this is where Prevot truly stepped over the metaphorical cliff. Meldy says she will travel with the party instead of Okabe Rintaro, since she is more familiar with Wimbli. Okabe warns that the party must be wary of allowing Meldy’s past self to come to harm.
  • Belwar resurrects the dead orc shaman. The orc is confused, but after he is brought up to speed, he agrees to help out around The Adriana. During this time, some of the party wanders to the top deck and notices that The Adriana is floating within a giant red sphere, near a floating city that looks strangely similar to part of Bonifant. In fact, the city is part of Bonifant, and it was saved by Wil when Nhilithra Zauath attacked. The red (or ruby!) sphere protects the city from monsters.
  • Dryug convinces Kara and Reese to go exploring with them. Initially he wishes to leave the protective sphere, but Kara tells him that he probably won’t be able to re enter, unless he is granted permission by the king. So, Dryug and his kids go off to see Wil. They sneak onto the floating island of Bonifant, but the guards do not recognize Dryug, and do not grant him an audience with the king. Dryug’s attempts to sneak into the castle are also unsuccessful, even when he lights a tree on fire. Dryug, Kara, and Reese head back to the ship.
  • The party travels back in time to Wimbli. It’s a picturesque town, in the middle of another farmer’s market. This idyllic scene is interrupted by three wizards surrounding a woman with a hood over her face. One of the wizards says, “Stop! Adriana Prevot, you are ordered to return with us to ”/wikis/Parth/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Parth." Prevot refuses to comply, and the wizards begin attacking. The party members rush to Prevot’s defense. Orryn attempts to find out what Prevot has done. As far as he can tell, she hasn’t done anything, but the aberrant seed inside her poses a great danger, and so she must be kept away from society. Dryug grabs Prevot and carries her away from the battle. Meldy follows.
  • The party makes quick work of the wizards, and regroups a good distance from the town. As they rest, an enormous tear in reality manifests above the town. Foulspawn pour from this rip. Meldy is distraught by this development. She simply mouths over and over again, “This wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.” Prevot begins laughing maniacally. “It didn’t matter what I did! It was inevitable! The outside will always find a way in!”
  • Dryug, Rekas Selchar, Miria, and Kyuzo Takimura have had enough of crazy women, and head to engage the foulspawn. Orryn and Belwar stay behind to convince Meldy to help. When Orryn’s words are not enough, he gives Belwar a boost so that the Svirfneblin can slap Meldy in the face. Even that is not enough to snap her out of her daze. Dryug looks back, waves his fancy hat, and yells some encouraging words. A push from an old friend was what Meldy needed. She puts on her own fancy hat, and heads towards the town.
  • Before they reach the town, the adventurers are met by a group of foulspawn. These grotesque creatures have three legs, one giant eye, and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. Despite their fearsome appearance, they are easily dispatched. Only Kyuzo is seriously injured when several of the beasts surround him. With the first wave defeated, our heroes continue toward the reality tear.
Gnome Stacking and Drow Diplomacy

Belwar on the shoulders of Orryn enter the temple posing as an orc. They find Adriana Prevot with a bloody dagger and the corpse of an orc shaman. Belwar summons a stone wall around the aquahelix that squashes the already dead orc shaman. He then shouts/squeaks, “She’s killed the shaman! The one with the purple hair has killed him!”

Orcs outside shout, “What’s going on in there?”

Others come in to investigate. Taking a second look at the gnome-stack, one of them declares, “There’s a fake orc in here and the shaman is dead. Stand your ground while we figure this out.”

The orcs look to Adriana Prevot, their chieftain, who casually lies, “The imposter did it.”

Having sat out of the last few battles, Dryug is antsy. This combined with motives only a drow would understand causes him to fly to the top of the temple and shout, “KILL THE IMPOSTER!” He then sprays fire across the roof of the temple, sending an entire village of orcs into a frenzy.

Okabe Rintaro appears. “Real smooth.” The orcs begin to attack.

Miria speaks up “The chieftain is evil and wants to steal your stuff. We’re trying to stop her.”

The orcs immediately around her pause. “Then why did you light the temple on fire?”

Someone mumbles under their breath unconfidently the best lie that could be thought of in the moment. Miria hears and reproduces the lie more convincingly, “We’re trying to alert the others and to put a stop to her evil.”

The orcs nod. “Fire is a powerful force to stop enemies. The chieftain is our true enemy!”

Rekas Selchar pushes one of the orcs aside and charges to attack Adriana Prevot. Behind him the orcs shout that only orcs are allowed in the temple. The gnome-stack notes that Adriana Prevot is not an orc and Miria again diplomatically diffuses the situation saying the adventures are simply trying to cleanse the temple of her evil.

Dryug floats down to the ground to join the others, leaving behind a team of orcs that are frantically trying to squelch the rooftop flames. Belwar’s rock wall dissipates and Kyuzo Takimura attempts to grab the aquahelix. It is protected by an energy field. “Don’t touch that!” shouts every orc nearby.

The group huddles suspiciously in the middle of the temple. Orcs attempt to kindly usher them out of the temple and then less kindly attempt to usher them out. All the while, the adventurer’s plan how to steal their precious. Belwar comes up with a plan to steal the aquahelix that somehow involves resurrecting a stabbed, crushed shaman. Miria attempts to persuade the orcs to let them ressurrect the shaman.

“He died because he was weak. You’ll die if you don’t get out of this temple.”

“Can one of the adventurers be shaman?”

No. Only orcs can be shaman."


The orcs pause. “She became chieftain because she killed chieftain…but maybe only orcs should be chieftain…and definitely only orcs should be in orc temple”

The group rehuddles to brainstorm. Okabe Rintaro performs an arcana survey of the aquahelix and decides he can diffuse the energy field. The orcs draw swords and attack.

Okabe Rintaro begins waving his hands and chanting at a speed that seems to defy time itself. Around him battle insues. More orcs enter the temple at the sound of clanging steel. The door to the temple mysteriously slams shut as an invisible gnome casts an illusion. Rekas Selchar roundhouse kicks an orc to death. Dryug pulls out his acorn and summons a soldier construct to aid the battle. The sounds of orcs trying to break down the door echo within the temple.

A mirage of flying snakes distracts several enemies. Kyuzo Takimura and Dryug enter the calamity, dual-wielding daggers and swords. Both draw blood more than once but are thrown backward and land hard on the ground. Rekas Selchar sees an orc with magical armor and picks up its corpse, continue the battle with an orc across his shoulders.

Okabe Rintaro breaks the energy field and grabs the aquahelix, grabs it, and disappears. Several dead orcs later, Okabe Rintaro reappears. Some heated discussion begins about whether they should open the door to let more orcs into the temple to slay. A pair of hospitaliers take up position to guard the door.

Dryug attempts to reach over Belwar to open the door and the gnome lifts up an orc shaman corpse to block his path. Okabe Rintaro sighs and teleports everyone back to the future, including the mauled, mashed and very-dead corpse of the shaman.

Partying with Orcs

After a grueling day of time-travelling and fighting demons, the party settles down for a night’s sleep. They wake up to a real breakfast this time, rather than a salt-and-flour concoction.

They continue on to the next leg of their time-travel journey, and this time show up in the middle of the Gravenwood forest – a place far from the Haven they are familiar with. They are immediately set upon by some orcs, who demand all of their stuff. After a brief attempt at parley, in which the orcs continue to insist on getting all of the party’s stuff, Rekas charges at them and ends attempts at diplomacy.

The orcs quickly surround Kyuzo and grab him, but he ducks and dodges their blows and strikes them down one-by-one. Some other orcs try to gang up on Rekas, but he brushes them off so they try to bully Belwar instead. They beat him up pretty good, leaving Rekas free to charge around the battlefield, as is his joy and habit. Overall, the party has little difficulty slaughtering the orcs.

Afterward, Okabe is disappointed that the party left none alive to question, and suggests that maybe the encounter didn’t have to end up in a fight.

The party continues to trot through the forest, and eventually come up to a village, which they find is populated with orcs. They toss around some plans, some worse or better than others, and eventually end up in a yelling match with the denizens of the orkish town. The orcs send out a Behir, who quickly swallows Kyuzo whole! Fortunately for him, the combined firepower of the party is too much for the behir. The ranger finally cuts his way out of the Behir, emerging in triumph and viscera.

The orcs cheer at the party’s success, and invite them in to the town as equals in their combat prowess. Once inside, Orynn tunes his arcane energies to find where the aquahelix is. He discerns that it is located in a giant temple. The orcs have little to say about it, other than it’s a secret and that only their shaman goes in there. They seem more interested in inviting the adventurers to partayyy and enjoy some Behir meat.

After the feast, the adventurers settle down for a rest. Rekas seems particularly paranoid and untrusting of the orcs, and insists that there be a watch. At the same time, Orynn decides to show off a bit, creating fireworks for the enjoyment of the orcs.

Belwar can’t sleep with all the light and noise of the overworld, so he offers to take over. He also seems to be a bit uneasy with Kyuzo’s lack of modesty (the ranger sleeps in the nude).

In the morning, the party tries to figure out a plan for how to nab the aquahelix. They come across a chieftain’s hut; the chieftain refuses to see them. They send in Miria’s seeing ring, and discover that the inhabitant is in fact Prevot, who immediately nullifies the seeing-magic of the ring.
The adventurers hatch a plot to disguise the two gnomes as an orc – Belwar sitting on Orynn’s shoulders. Okabe lends a cloak which aids them in their disguise. They manage to get into the temple, only to find Prevot standing over a dead shaman!

I'm on a Boat!
what could be worse than a drow mutineer?

Oryrn and Belwar try to learn about how the boat works. They’re unable to discover anything. Dryug chats with Seth for a bit. The group gets some sleep. The next morning, Dryug tries to make breakfast for everyone. He makes a horrid soup consisting mostly of salt. Orryn wakes up early to find a pot of gross stew.

Rekas Selchar wakes up and tries to do flips on the deck to impress everyone. Basically everyone aboard the ship hears the loud thud of a large barbarian man belly-flopping against the deck. Many folks come onto the deck to investigate. Rekas Selchar‘s second failed attempt is met with grimaces. Dryug trots toward Rekas Selchar who is still on the ground. He leaps, does an impressive double backflip and lands on the other side of the groaning tattoed man. A few people clap. Someone calls him a show-off. Orryn attempts to repeat Dryug’s feat and nearly faceplants onto a barbarian.

Dryug goes below deck and overhears a Meldy chastising a flustered halfling. “I don’t know who made the soup. I don’t know how to fix it. It’s too dreadful. I think the entire ship’s-store of salt went into that pot.” Dryug keeps walking, saying nothing. The last words he hears are, “…perhaps we could salvage the salt if we boil away the water.”

Dryug tries the soup. It’s beyond bad. He has a second bowl anyway. Others eat. No one is very cheerful on the mess deck. “If I find out who did this, I’ll give him a piece of my mind,” grumbles a little boy, not a day older than four. Dryug says nothing. Meldy finds the adventurers and brings them to the magic lab.

Okabe Rintaro goes over some time travel basics. He claims to have invented transporting others through time. He tells everyone to be quick and not to disturb the timeline more than is absolutely necessary.

“Prepare to go backwards against the flow of time itself,” Meldy and Okabe Rintaro say with one voice. There is a flash of white light, and the adventurers are no longer in the magic lab.

The group hears bubbling in the distance. Rekas Selchar, Miria, and Dryug recognize a figure approaching through the surrounding woods. It is the black reaper. Miria, Kyuzo Takimura, and Rovindor Hammersmith form a defensive perimeter around Okabe Rintaro, who remains anchoring everyone in time.

“What unnatural devilry is this?” the black reaper says, looking from Rekas Selchar, to Dryug to Miria.

Rekas Selchar ignores the question and charges. Belwar approaches slowly. The black reaper uses dark tendrils to bring Belwar closer and then slashes at both Belwar and Rekas Selchar. The black reaper then tendrils Orryn closer and attacks all three of them. Rekas Selchar circles, attacks, attacks, and attacks again. A pair of slashes in the reapers plate become noticeable. The reaper is surrounded and teleports away.

Dryug reengages, notices Orryn struggling to maintain his distance without losing line of sight. He sadistically makes a game of pushing the reaper into the bushes and obscuring the little gnome’s view. So enthralled with his game, Dryug takes a glancing blow from the reapers blade and nearly goes down. The other gnome is there in an instant to revive him with magic.

“I cannot be defeated!!!” shouts the reaper and an explosion of blackness and energy flows out of him. Belwar, still close from aiding Dryug is taken down by the black energy. Orryn rushes in to revive his fellow gnome.

Rekas Selchar slashes through the black reaper. The reaper grabs his wound and then turns to shadow and disipates. The piece of shadow that was his sword merges with Rekas Selchar‘s identical sword.

The group catches their breath and returns to Okabe Rintaro. Dryug carries the fire heart, not bothering to uses gloves. The small scales around his fingernails glow slightly and he seems unphased by its heat.

Okabe Rintaro shouts, “Excellent! We are one step closer to rewriting history!”

The fire heart is returned to the springs. Belwar hops onto his shield and floats on it. He tosses a rope to Orryn who then runs around the spring gleefully tugging a floating Belwar behind him. Dryug and Rekas Selchar watch the little people, somewhat mesmerized by their carefree cheer. Remembering Okabe Rintaro’s comment about not changing anything not absolutely necessary, Dryug deliberately picks up a arm sized stick and breaks it across his knee. The group returns to Okabe Rintaro.

Returning back in time, the magic lab is empty. Meldy is not there. “Something is not right!” Okabe Rintaro declares and rushes out of the room. The others follow.

Women and children huddle in fear in the hallway. Seth, Revy the Hunter and two others defend the hatch from demons on the deck that are attempting to gain entry to the ship. Meldy is nowhere to be seen. Miria and Rovindor Hammersmith join them to guard the hatch. Kyuzo Takimura produces a teapot somehow and begins caring for the startled women and children The others charge through the hatch and rush upon the deck to battle the demons.

Demons wielding chains attack. Dryug is wrapped in chains and battered by other demons with chains. Rekas Selchar slices some baddies. Magic tentacles grow out of the deck and attack.

Dryug casts darkness and brings a gaggle of demons into his darkness with a flurry of dazing attacks. Orryn sends another demon into the darkness. Dryug breaths fire at them and flies across the deck to catch his breath.

Rekas Selchar moves up a flight of stairs to the bridge of the ship in to engage a solitary eye-ball demon. Dryug tosses a dagger at the beast, knocking it off balance and sending falling over the edge of the elevated platform. Rekas Selchar lets out a howl and begins running around killing and maiming demons. The eye-ball demon recovers and messes with Rekas Selchar‘s mind, causing him to hit himself.

The battle breaks into several mini-battles. The gnomes find a corner of the boat to fight a trio of demons. Rekas Selchar reengages the eye-ball beast. Dryug enters solo combat with another chain demon until he notices Rekas Selchar about to be overwhelmed. He abandons his fight to assist him. He delivers an incredible punch, actually punching through the eye-ball monster and rips out the beast’s heart (a rather gross experience for Dryug).

Rekas Selchar catches his breath. The gnomes are split apart, Belwar taking the pair of enemies. Dryug rushes across the deck to assist them, leaving his original chain demon with the winded Rekas Selchar, but only for a moment as Rekas Selchar ignore it as well to follow Dryug to the gnomes’ aid. More demon fall. Imaginary cherubs make the last remaining demons attack itself. As the final demon dies, a crash is heard on the other end of the ship.

Turning, the group sees a giant demon with a trident in its chest, struggling to remove the weapon. A bolt of lightening from above finishes the beast. Meldy lands lightly upon the corpse moments later. She picks up the trident which turns to electricity and disappears.

“Target eliminated.” She says.

The group begins the arduous job of cleaning up the mess they had just created.

The End is not the End
In which Dryug finds himself popular for the first time in his existence...

But the end was not the end… It was merely an excuse for an interlude at Uncle Paco’s!

One of the other heroes that had been defending Tir Elende, a gnome going by the name of Belwar, finds himself mesmerized by an eating contest between whom he believed to be a fist-fighting half elf and the renouned Rekas Selchar. As Blade orders three more plates of crepes from Uncle Paco, Rekas Selchar falls from his stool and begins groaning.

Belwar looks to the recently vacated stool and recognizes Miria in the stool next to it. He greets the fellow Hospitaler. “Hello, M’Lady. Can you pick me up and place me on the stool? I can’t reach the bar.”

Miria looks down upon her fellow Hospitaler, obviously uncomfortable. “I could order you something?”

At this point Belwar sees Orryn and a bit of crass small talk insues. Belwar discovers that the group is planning on returning one of the artifacts to the town of Twin Sword Springs. Being on his way back to a Hospitaler stronghold nearby, he requests to travel with the group. They agree to meet on the morrow to allow Rekas Selchar‘s stomach a chance to recover.

Before parting for the night the group had discussed whether to travel by land or sea. They decide to sail despite their last series of encounters at sea. Belwar finds a smith open late and requests his shield be equiped with floaties, just in case he is thrown overboard during an altercation.

During the evening Dryug sneaks into the castle. He can’t help but chuckle to himself, proud of his upcoming prank. A few servants notice him, but his presence at the castle is normal. They ignore him. He enters the throne room and begins to hang artwork of famous wizards around the finger-painted canvas of Wil that was painted by the orphans.

Miria secures passage aboard a boat named, “A New Hope.” Dryug finds himself seasick once again. For a few days, the journey is uneventful.

As dusk approached one evening, an uninvited guest appeared upon the ship. It was the drow priestess from the shadowfell. One eye red, the other burning purple, her visage had changed little since the group had met her last. “Thank you for freeing me from the master. I shall reward you all for you troubles with a quick death,” she declared. Dark mists swirled around the ship and the world turned pitch black.

Only Dryug, the priestess, and the smurf-gnome appreciate the change of lighting. Orryn quickly casts a spell to dissipate the darkness and and battle ensues. The adventures pour every ounce of energy and skill into the battle, but they appear outmatched. More the once, some in the group mourns Ashar having left them. Psychic blasts bombard the party and the priestess seems capable of evading nearly all their attacks.

As they grit their teeth and struggle against an impossible foe, a tear in the fabric of reality appears at the other side of the boat. A floating man comes out of the rift, “Come with me if you want to live.” Before being given an alternative, there is a blinding light and the group finds themselves in an unfamiliar room full of magic paraphernalia.

Dryug, its so good to see you!” says an attractive young girl in her early twenties. They greet each other with a hug. Over her shoulder Dryug mouths to the others “Who is this?”

Catching the hint, Miria declares, “Meldy we’re all very glad to see you. Where are we? What just happened?”

As Meldy begins to explain that the group has been teleported to the future, a familiar figure steps barges into the room. “Hey kid, we’ve got Draconians.” Revy the Hunter pauses, seeing the others, “Oh it worked. Come with me. I need you.”

“If we were needed, why didn’t you get the current us? Why go into the past?”

“You all died on that boat,” Meldy says quietly.

“Draconians! Let’s go!” Revy leads the adventurers through a trap door, passed some hammocks and other clutter. They continue onward to a stable full of hippogriffs.

“Master Dryug?” asks the young stablehand.

Dryug tries to guess who would know him and greet him fondly. “Seth?”

“No, I’m Reese!”

“Wow, you’ve grown,” Dryug says awkwardly.

As Reese begins introducing the hippogriffs by name, Revy the Hunter shouts, “No time. Draconians!” She hops onto a hippogriff pulls a large rope and a hole in the stable wall opens, showing open sky. “This way!” she yells and is gone. The others follow suit. Leaving the stable they discover they had been on a large magical flying ship. There is no time to marvel at their bizarre situation as flying lizards are approaching the ship.

“To battle!” Somehow the group manages to kill the draconians and not to fall to their deaths. Having seen its companions slain, a final draconian flees toward the horizon. Revy the Hunter congratulates everyone on remembering which end of a sword to wield. Back at the stable Reese fusses over the hippogriffs. One of them has a few singed feathers. Miria directs a playful scowl toward Dryug, who shrugs innocently. Revy the Hunter unceremoniously leaves the stables.

“What happened?”

Reese, still in his early teens and more interested in exotic animals than politics, shrugs, “Milithraw or something like that happened. She’s in charge of most things now.”

“Nhilithra?” Dryug stays with Reese to help him with the hippogriffs. The others seek a more knowledgeable source of information. They make their way back the way they had come and are able to find the room full of magical whats-its.

Meldy greets them, “Glad to hear the battle was successful. I suppose you have some questions.” She continues on to tell of how the drow, Nhilithra, somehow absorbed the power of Adriana Prevot and the purple dragon. She became unstoppable. Tir Elende was one of the first to fall. The adventurers were attacked for the fire titan’s heart. She took Rekas Selchar‘s sword as well. “We save who we can. There aren’t many on the Adriana that can fight. There is no one powerful enough to face her directly.”

“Why save us?”

“There were few others we knew we could trust. Okabe and I have a plan to send you back to various times in the past. We need to keep her from ever obtaining those artifacts.”

And so it seemed the end was really a new beginning…

The End

The wurm races at Ashar. Ashar teleports away as it rushes past and Dryug drops into the hole to make an attack from behind. Rekas Selchar runs, jumps, ?dives? at the beast below, startling it with a mighty blow. Ashar rejoins the battle and is claimed by the monster’s teeth. Miria seeing the others committed to carnage drops down (not gracefully) into the whole to help keep them alive. Kyuzo Takimura can’t see an opening for his blade, so he waits for the others to tire…and waits. Dryug remembers himself and steps back fight at a distance, making room for the warrior. The gnome creates magics and lights, but the blind wurm seems unaffected. He gives up to check the final of the four doors.

Below Ashar and Rekas Selchar take turns in the wurm’s jaws. Miria‘s is discourages the wurm, and Dryug is able to deal a killing blow to the beast. Above, the gnome sets off a trap. A dragon skull launches energy at him. The room is otherwise empty. Below the tunnel is explored, only to determine that it is a circular loop without offshoots.

The group recollects themselves after battle. The rest and continue on down the hallway behind door number three. Onward and down the hallway the group goes, Dryug and Rekas Selchar quietly scouting ahead, followed by a not-so-quiet Oryn, followed by the others. The hallway twists and reality twists with it. The hallway ceases to be a hallway, becoming a living room full of disgusting enemies. Miria’s face twists in disgust. Creatures with something wiggling under their skin attack. Monsters from atop the walls fling poo at those below and as the wiggly men are weakened, they shed their skin to become frog-like atrocities. Worst of all was a very short, strange, ginger man who laughs and attempts to rub his tumor covered arm upon the adventurers whenever he sees an opportunity.

The adventurers are victorious and the room transforms back to a twisted hallway. They continue down the hallway, hopeful to never have an experience like that ever, EVER again.

At the end of the hallway is a room filled with the corpses of about 20 recently slain drow. A door leads to another hallway. A staircase leads up. The group sees footprints in the blood leading up to the next level. At the top of the stairs is another room and a single drow. Dryug recognizes her apparel as that of a high priestess. Standing facing her is a figure the whole group recognizes. Nodding to himself after sizing up the drow, Fernando Lamas states, “My friends, the goal is behind that door. I’ll distract the wench.”

The group nods. Kyuzo Takimura wishes him luck.

Fernando Lamas draws steel and a masterful duel begins. The group carefully circumvented the battle, opened the door, and climbed yet another staircase. These stairs opened to a the roof. Awaiting them of course, was Adriana Prevot, or at least half of her. She hovered above the ground, dangling tentacles in place of legs. Her upper torso remained relatively unchanged from its previous undead manifestation. She called each of the adventurers by odd names. Not really caring the group drew their weapons, excited to kill her a third time.
Behind them, a purple dragon had phased through the floor to sneak attack them from behind. A tremendous blast of psychic energy came at the adventurers from behind. The psychic energy dazes and stuns the adventurers.

As if anticipating it, Dryug‘s mind instantly becomes a fortress and the energy splashes harmlessly against his mind like waves against the thick walls of a castle on the coast. “Hello, Master,” Dryug growls in deep speech.

“Hello, Dryug.”

The dragon tries to own Miria’s mind but she resists. Unbothered, she casually swipes a claw at Dryug. Orryn’s mind does not resist her domination. Although, his mind remains guarded, Dryug‘s attacks are lackluster. His fear and hate for the dragon leave the drow flustered.

Adriana Prevot teleports around the roof of the castle, each time causing confusion to her attackers. Rekas Selchar swings his sword at Miria instead of Adriana Prevot. He misses both. Another giant mind blast emanates from the dragon. Adriana Prevot teleports out of its area of effect.

The dragon flies up and slightly out of reach. Seeing an opportunity to eliminate Adriana Prevot, Dryug attempts to slide a burning dagger through her throat, but her throat is no longer there. Orryn, now alone to face the dragon, prepares to die; however, Ashar from across the roof of the castle, comes to his aid.

Adriana Prevot teleports again and attacks. Rekas Selchar charges and slices her in half…again. Ashar sends the dragon to the void to allow the adventurers a moment to regroup. She reappears and is surrounded. She attempts to fly out of reach, but Rekas Selchar knocks her prone with a dazzling leaping swing of his blade. Kyuzo Takimura slows her with ice.

Another mental blast drops Orryn. Kyuzo Takimura rushes toward him and leans in to perform mouth-to-mouth recitation. Miria teleport-swaps-places with Kyuzo Takimura to prevent that psychologically unfortunate event. She moves her lips away from the gnome and instead administers a magical potion. The dragon blasts Orryn again. Rekas Selchar kills the dragon and the floating island in the distance almost immediately disappears.

Moments later it reappears near the castle. Dryug goes down the stairs to check on Fernando Lamas, secretly wiping away tears of joy and relief as he makes his way down the stairs. She was gone.

At the bottom of the steps, Dryug finds Fernando Lamas resting against a wall. He is wounded but not dying. The drow priestess is nowhere to be seen. Dryug helps Fernando Lamas up the stairs.

Mindartis arrives on the roof with his floating island before Dryug returns with Fernando Lamas. Mindartis asks about Fernando Lamas and is pleased to see him climb up the stairs. He is less pleased to see Dryug still alive and helping him climb.

The group is teleported to the island with the powerful artifacts that Adriana Prevot had once again used for evil. A conversation begins about what to do with the artifacts. Mindartis asks if anyone knows what has become of the descendents of Wimbly.

“The human child that had no place on the battlefield. The incredibly talented one…who was only slightly less distasteful than a drow…she is of his line.”

“Excellent,” says Mindartis. “But who said she was even remotely near as distasteful as you.”

Miria immediately defends Dryug. In her next breath, she questions the wisdom of giving a powerful trident to an emotionally disturbed teenager. Rekas Selchar shrugs and gives Meldy the trident. It becomes pure electricity and disappears.

Mindartis refuses to transport the group to Twin Sword Springs to return the fire giant’s heart. Dryug asks why such a dangerous hill can be allowed to exist. Mindartis says he would destroy it if he could (Dryug does not believe him). The entire group, including Orryn, are returned to Bonifant.

The End

The Most Exciting Adventure!

Prior to the adventure, Kyuzo Takimura invites everyone to tea. Revy the Hunter and the eladrin leader of the hill are not pleased to see Dryug. Dryug grows board and quietly spikes Orryn’s tea cup. The little gnome gets loud and somewhat demanding, interrupting Kyuzo Takimura sharing his philosophies with the group. “More tea please! Hiccup.”

The group rests and rises early the next morning to embark on their journey. Fernando Lamas leads them expertly through the murky swamplands. The group is making excellent time untile they are accosted by fish people and some giant, nasty, red foulspawn.

Dryug charges off and gets surrounded. He doesn’t seem overly concerned but accepts Kyuzo Takimura‘s offer of assistance. Kyuzo Takimura runs up and hits the large red foulspawn six times in rapid succession, his final blow killing the monstrosity. The others team up on the remaining foulspawn. Rekas Selchar ends up kicking the other red foulspawn to death while howling like a wolf. The fish people die in rapid succession. At one point, Miria blinks and when she opens her eyes, she realizes all of the fish people around her had been slain. Ashar gets his sword stuck on the final fish-mans ucky shield. Soon that fish man is dead as well. As Ashar attempts to pry his sword from the sticky shield, Fernando Lamas exclaims, "My that was interesting, wasn’t it? On we go." Though older than most in the group, he has managed not even to break a sweat.

After several more hours of traveling, the group comes to the edge of the swamp. Across a clearing is the dark castle. The castle exudes a feeling of wrongness, even from that distance.

The castle contorts oddly. At first the group believes it is all an illusion, until it “gives birth” to two gibering monsters, all eyes and mouths. Foulspawn and drow came out of the castle using a more conventional method (a gate). Rekas Selchar and Fernando Lamas charge toward the gibberers, they seem to be slowed as they approach and both end their charges early. The others engage the drow and foulspawn. The enemies do not live long. One of the drow is carrying a curious grappling hook.

Dryug attempts to climb the wall and tentacles come out of it and grab him. He breathes fire at the wall and jumps back. Fernando Lamas suggests usin the grappling hook to enter through an upper window. Rekas Selchar, Ashar, and Fernando Lamas climb the rope. Orryn attempts to walk up, falls and then climbs like a sensible being. Miria looks at the rope, unsure of herself. She asks Dryug for help and he replies that he probably isn’t strong enough to carry her in her armor. Surprisingly, he does not have a lude look on his face when he suggests she could take off her…Miria stops Dryug midsentence, blushing. She manages to climb up the rope on her own. Dryug unattaches the grappling hook from the ground and flies up after everyone.

Fernando Lamas says the group should split up and look for the disturbance. He goes one way and suggests everyone else go the other way. Kyuzo Takimura says that Fernando Lamas shouldn’t go alone.

The most interesting man replies, “I never explore haunted castles with others, but when I do, I do it with ladies.” He turns and walks away from the others.

The group makes their way down the hallway in the opposite direction from Fernando Lamas. At the end of the hallway is a doorway with a carving of a four headed lizard on it.

“It doesn’t look trapped. Should we open it?”

“I don’t think we should go in there. I think there’s a four headed lizard in there,” warns Orryn.

Rekas Selchar just opens the door. Orryns warning proves true. Dryug walks up and closes the door. The door simply bursts open moments later and fire spews into the hallway. The three heads not bursting with fire begin to nibble on Rekas Selchar. Ashar banishes the lizard to the void. The group repositions. Rekas Selchar swoons from the burning and the biting, catches himself, and then is healed by Miria. Dryug flies into the room and tries to unlock a door on the far side fo the room. He’s still onfire and flustered and fails. The lizard rematerializes. Kyuzo Takimura cuts off a head and two more grow from the stump of a neck. Dryug uses his newly acquired magic accorn. A metal construct aids everyone’s attacks. Kyuzo Takimura, Ashar, and Rekas Selchar continue to slash at the beast. Severed heads fly. Meanwhile, the gnome frantically tries to get into any of the locked doors, failing again and again. Miria slays the beast and Rekas Selchar feels cheated. Dryug and Rekas Selchar then move toward the doors, attempting to help the gnome. Dryug uses cunnning, and Rekas Selchar brute strength. The adventure continues in four doors and a hydra.


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