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I'm on a Boat!

what could be worse than a drow mutineer?

Oryrn and Belwar try to learn about how the boat works. They’re unable to discover anything. Dryug chats with Seth for a bit. The group gets some sleep. The next morning, Dryug tries to make breakfast for everyone. He makes a horrid soup consisting mostly of salt. Orryn wakes up early to find a pot of gross stew.

Rekas Selchar wakes up and tries to do flips on the deck to impress everyone. Basically everyone aboard the ship hears the loud thud of a large barbarian man belly-flopping against the deck. Many folks come onto the deck to investigate. Rekas Selchar‘s second failed attempt is met with grimaces. Dryug trots toward Rekas Selchar who is still on the ground. He leaps, does an impressive double backflip and lands on the other side of the groaning tattoed man. A few people clap. Someone calls him a show-off. Orryn attempts to repeat Dryug’s feat and nearly faceplants onto a barbarian.

Dryug goes below deck and overhears a Meldy chastising a flustered halfling. “I don’t know who made the soup. I don’t know how to fix it. It’s too dreadful. I think the entire ship’s-store of salt went into that pot.” Dryug keeps walking, saying nothing. The last words he hears are, “…perhaps we could salvage the salt if we boil away the water.”

Dryug tries the soup. It’s beyond bad. He has a second bowl anyway. Others eat. No one is very cheerful on the mess deck. “If I find out who did this, I’ll give him a piece of my mind,” grumbles a little boy, not a day older than four. Dryug says nothing. Meldy finds the adventurers and brings them to the magic lab.

Okabe Rintaro goes over some time travel basics. He claims to have invented transporting others through time. He tells everyone to be quick and not to disturb the timeline more than is absolutely necessary.

“Prepare to go backwards against the flow of time itself,” Meldy and Okabe Rintaro say with one voice. There is a flash of white light, and the adventurers are no longer in the magic lab.

The group hears bubbling in the distance. Rekas Selchar, Miria, and Dryug recognize a figure approaching through the surrounding woods. It is the black reaper. Miria, Kyuzo Takimura, and Rovindor Hammersmith form a defensive perimeter around Okabe Rintaro, who remains anchoring everyone in time.

“What unnatural devilry is this?” the black reaper says, looking from Rekas Selchar, to Dryug to Miria.

Rekas Selchar ignores the question and charges. Belwar approaches slowly. The black reaper uses dark tendrils to bring Belwar closer and then slashes at both Belwar and Rekas Selchar. The black reaper then tendrils Orryn closer and attacks all three of them. Rekas Selchar circles, attacks, attacks, and attacks again. A pair of slashes in the reapers plate become noticeable. The reaper is surrounded and teleports away.

Dryug reengages, notices Orryn struggling to maintain his distance without losing line of sight. He sadistically makes a game of pushing the reaper into the bushes and obscuring the little gnome’s view. So enthralled with his game, Dryug takes a glancing blow from the reapers blade and nearly goes down. The other gnome is there in an instant to revive him with magic.

“I cannot be defeated!!!” shouts the reaper and an explosion of blackness and energy flows out of him. Belwar, still close from aiding Dryug is taken down by the black energy. Orryn rushes in to revive his fellow gnome.

Rekas Selchar slashes through the black reaper. The reaper grabs his wound and then turns to shadow and disipates. The piece of shadow that was his sword merges with Rekas Selchar‘s identical sword.

The group catches their breath and returns to Okabe Rintaro. Dryug carries the fire heart, not bothering to uses gloves. The small scales around his fingernails glow slightly and he seems unphased by its heat.

Okabe Rintaro shouts, “Excellent! We are one step closer to rewriting history!”

The fire heart is returned to the springs. Belwar hops onto his shield and floats on it. He tosses a rope to Orryn who then runs around the spring gleefully tugging a floating Belwar behind him. Dryug and Rekas Selchar watch the little people, somewhat mesmerized by their carefree cheer. Remembering Okabe Rintaro’s comment about not changing anything not absolutely necessary, Dryug deliberately picks up a arm sized stick and breaks it across his knee. The group returns to Okabe Rintaro.

Returning back in time, the magic lab is empty. Meldy is not there. “Something is not right!” Okabe Rintaro declares and rushes out of the room. The others follow.

Women and children huddle in fear in the hallway. Seth, Revy the Hunter and two others defend the hatch from demons on the deck that are attempting to gain entry to the ship. Meldy is nowhere to be seen. Miria and Rovindor Hammersmith join them to guard the hatch. Kyuzo Takimura produces a teapot somehow and begins caring for the startled women and children The others charge through the hatch and rush upon the deck to battle the demons.

Demons wielding chains attack. Dryug is wrapped in chains and battered by other demons with chains. Rekas Selchar slices some baddies. Magic tentacles grow out of the deck and attack.

Dryug casts darkness and brings a gaggle of demons into his darkness with a flurry of dazing attacks. Orryn sends another demon into the darkness. Dryug breaths fire at them and flies across the deck to catch his breath.

Rekas Selchar moves up a flight of stairs to the bridge of the ship in to engage a solitary eye-ball demon. Dryug tosses a dagger at the beast, knocking it off balance and sending falling over the edge of the elevated platform. Rekas Selchar lets out a howl and begins running around killing and maiming demons. The eye-ball demon recovers and messes with Rekas Selchar‘s mind, causing him to hit himself.

The battle breaks into several mini-battles. The gnomes find a corner of the boat to fight a trio of demons. Rekas Selchar reengages the eye-ball beast. Dryug enters solo combat with another chain demon until he notices Rekas Selchar about to be overwhelmed. He abandons his fight to assist him. He delivers an incredible punch, actually punching through the eye-ball monster and rips out the beast’s heart (a rather gross experience for Dryug).

Rekas Selchar catches his breath. The gnomes are split apart, Belwar taking the pair of enemies. Dryug rushes across the deck to assist them, leaving his original chain demon with the winded Rekas Selchar, but only for a moment as Rekas Selchar ignore it as well to follow Dryug to the gnomes’ aid. More demon fall. Imaginary cherubs make the last remaining demons attack itself. As the final demon dies, a crash is heard on the other end of the ship.

Turning, the group sees a giant demon with a trident in its chest, struggling to remove the weapon. A bolt of lightening from above finishes the beast. Meldy lands lightly upon the corpse moments later. She picks up the trident which turns to electricity and disappears.

“Target eliminated.” She says.

The group begins the arduous job of cleaning up the mess they had just created.


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