Okknos Prime

New Bonifant and Old Wimbli

In the present, future, or the past, Dryug is still a pain in the...

  • The party finds themselves back on The Adriana. Meldy questions the presence of a dead orc, and Belwar offers a vague explanation, before dragging the dead body to the cargo hold.
  • Miria wonders if Adriana Prevot can be saved. Meldy believes that she can. In order to try, the party must travel to Meldy’s hometown, Wimbli, where Prevot and several Vitalian wizards fought each other and destroyed the town. Meldy believes that this is where Prevot truly stepped over the metaphorical cliff. Meldy says she will travel with the party instead of Okabe Rintaro, since she is more familiar with Wimbli. Okabe warns that the party must be wary of allowing Meldy’s past self to come to harm.
  • Belwar resurrects the dead orc shaman. The orc is confused, but after he is brought up to speed, he agrees to help out around The Adriana. During this time, some of the party wanders to the top deck and notices that The Adriana is floating within a giant red sphere, near a floating city that looks strangely similar to part of Bonifant. In fact, the city is part of Bonifant, and it was saved by Wil when Nhilithra Zauath attacked. The red (or ruby!) sphere protects the city from monsters.
  • Dryug convinces Kara and Reese to go exploring with them. Initially he wishes to leave the protective sphere, but Kara tells him that he probably won’t be able to re enter, unless he is granted permission by the king. So, Dryug and his kids go off to see Wil. They sneak onto the floating island of Bonifant, but the guards do not recognize Dryug, and do not grant him an audience with the king. Dryug’s attempts to sneak into the castle are also unsuccessful, even when he lights a tree on fire. Dryug, Kara, and Reese head back to the ship.
  • The party travels back in time to Wimbli. It’s a picturesque town, in the middle of another farmer’s market. This idyllic scene is interrupted by three wizards surrounding a woman with a hood over her face. One of the wizards says, “Stop! Adriana Prevot, you are ordered to return with us to ”/wikis/Parth/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Parth." Prevot refuses to comply, and the wizards begin attacking. The party members rush to Prevot’s defense. Orryn attempts to find out what Prevot has done. As far as he can tell, she hasn’t done anything, but the aberrant seed inside her poses a great danger, and so she must be kept away from society. Dryug grabs Prevot and carries her away from the battle. Meldy follows.
  • The party makes quick work of the wizards, and regroups a good distance from the town. As they rest, an enormous tear in reality manifests above the town. Foulspawn pour from this rip. Meldy is distraught by this development. She simply mouths over and over again, “This wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.” Prevot begins laughing maniacally. “It didn’t matter what I did! It was inevitable! The outside will always find a way in!”
  • Dryug, Rekas Selchar, Miria, and Kyuzo Takimura have had enough of crazy women, and head to engage the foulspawn. Orryn and Belwar stay behind to convince Meldy to help. When Orryn’s words are not enough, he gives Belwar a boost so that the Svirfneblin can slap Meldy in the face. Even that is not enough to snap her out of her daze. Dryug looks back, waves his fancy hat, and yells some encouraging words. A push from an old friend was what Meldy needed. She puts on her own fancy hat, and heads towards the town.
  • Before they reach the town, the adventurers are met by a group of foulspawn. These grotesque creatures have three legs, one giant eye, and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. Despite their fearsome appearance, they are easily dispatched. Only Kyuzo is seriously injured when several of the beasts surround him. With the first wave defeated, our heroes continue toward the reality tear.


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