Okknos Prime

Partying with Orcs

After a grueling day of time-travelling and fighting demons, the party settles down for a night’s sleep. They wake up to a real breakfast this time, rather than a salt-and-flour concoction.

They continue on to the next leg of their time-travel journey, and this time show up in the middle of the Gravenwood forest – a place far from the Haven they are familiar with. They are immediately set upon by some orcs, who demand all of their stuff. After a brief attempt at parley, in which the orcs continue to insist on getting all of the party’s stuff, Rekas charges at them and ends attempts at diplomacy.

The orcs quickly surround Kyuzo and grab him, but he ducks and dodges their blows and strikes them down one-by-one. Some other orcs try to gang up on Rekas, but he brushes them off so they try to bully Belwar instead. They beat him up pretty good, leaving Rekas free to charge around the battlefield, as is his joy and habit. Overall, the party has little difficulty slaughtering the orcs.

Afterward, Okabe is disappointed that the party left none alive to question, and suggests that maybe the encounter didn’t have to end up in a fight.

The party continues to trot through the forest, and eventually come up to a village, which they find is populated with orcs. They toss around some plans, some worse or better than others, and eventually end up in a yelling match with the denizens of the orkish town. The orcs send out a Behir, who quickly swallows Kyuzo whole! Fortunately for him, the combined firepower of the party is too much for the behir. The ranger finally cuts his way out of the Behir, emerging in triumph and viscera.

The orcs cheer at the party’s success, and invite them in to the town as equals in their combat prowess. Once inside, Orynn tunes his arcane energies to find where the aquahelix is. He discerns that it is located in a giant temple. The orcs have little to say about it, other than it’s a secret and that only their shaman goes in there. They seem more interested in inviting the adventurers to partayyy and enjoy some Behir meat.

After the feast, the adventurers settle down for a rest. Rekas seems particularly paranoid and untrusting of the orcs, and insists that there be a watch. At the same time, Orynn decides to show off a bit, creating fireworks for the enjoyment of the orcs.

Belwar can’t sleep with all the light and noise of the overworld, so he offers to take over. He also seems to be a bit uneasy with Kyuzo’s lack of modesty (the ranger sleeps in the nude).

In the morning, the party tries to figure out a plan for how to nab the aquahelix. They come across a chieftain’s hut; the chieftain refuses to see them. They send in Miria’s seeing ring, and discover that the inhabitant is in fact Prevot, who immediately nullifies the seeing-magic of the ring.
The adventurers hatch a plot to disguise the two gnomes as an orc – Belwar sitting on Orynn’s shoulders. Okabe lends a cloak which aids them in their disguise. They manage to get into the temple, only to find Prevot standing over a dead shaman!


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