Genasi Swordmage


Ashar and his sister were raised in a military family. His father and uncle were part of the the guard that protects important politicians and members of the military. Early on in his life he saw his uncle die in protection of one of these members, and it left a big impression on him. That was when he decided he wanted to defend those important to him from death.

In his schooling, Ashar was always intelligent but during his adeptness for the arcane started to shine through when asked to mark his opponents during mock battles. Thus, he was selected to hone his abilities toward being a sword mage. Specifically, since the death of his uncle, he wanted to be an aegis of shielding defender so as to protect those closest to him.

When Ashar was 22, he and his sister had to migrate to Amallo after his family was framed for criminal activities. His father was falsely accused in a conspiracy against a few cabinet members, and punishment was meted out against the whole family. As Ashar looked on from the shadows of his father’s arrest he swore that he would get revenge on whoever had framed his family.

After reaching Amallo, Ashar took up employment with Ravenous as a bodyguard of some mid ranking bosses. However, during one assassination attempt he moved too far away from one of the mid level bosses, and they accused him of being negligent. Thus, Ravenous wanted to teach him a lesson.

Unfortunately, Ashar then came home one day to find his sister dying on the floor with 3 kidnappers also dead. His sister told him that Ravenous had attempted to kidnap her to teach him a lesson, but the kidnapping had went horribly wrong when his sister fought back. He promptly disappeared from Ravenous’ employment and has been seeking revenge on Ravenous. He heard of a group that was wreaking havoc on Ravenous facilities and decided to join them.

After the revenge on Ravenous is complete, Ashar wants to go back home to avenge his family. His loyalty to his family and friends is unquestioned, and he will seek to do everything necessary to ensure their safety.

After he and his new companions failed to bring down Ravenous, Ashar has decided to prolong his visit home. He knows he needs to become much stronger in order to go back and take on the opposition within the high levels of the government. Anything less would be disasterous.


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