Male steel dragon from an alternate dimension


Blade is a dragon shapeshifted as a peredhil. He offered his services to the PCs as one of two (the other being Terratancia a human female) during the siege of Bonifant in one of the attempts to destroy siege weapons which were accepted.

As the PCs were debating, Dryug accepted his offer and he transformed into a dragon and started flying the PCs in. Blade dodges all of the magic and arrows trying to knock him out of the sky and ends up fighting alongside the players once they have all been transported to the middle of the battle.

Blade refuses King Wil’s plea to fly the PCs back to the castle because he was having too much fun during the battle while destroying catapults and enemies forcing the PCs to rely on Terratancia in order to teleport back into the castle.

Blade ends up fighting more and then flying out under his own power after all of the seige weapons are destroyed.


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