Henri Volchaire

Vampire and former king of Vitalio


Henri Volchaire was the king of Vitalio over one hundred and fifty years ago. He is remembered as a fair but stern king. He died after a sudden illness in his forties. His son, Phillippe, was the last Volchaire king, and was succeeded by his chancellor after being poisoned.

Recently, a vampire claiming to be Henri Volchaire appeared in Bonifant. He offered to defeat the army marching towards the city in exchange for access to the royal castle and the city of Parth, but Wil refused his offer. Henri left his deal on the table, but said the price will be greater. During a brief fight with Hope, Henri demonstrated the power to manipulate shadow, dominate the weak-willed, and transform into mist. He took Adriana Prevot’s old wand, and said he would return it to the rightful owner.

After Wil established his grip on the throne of Vitalio, he travelled to Parth with about 200 soldiers. Although the casualties were great, Henri Volchaire was killed after a fierce battle. The ronin, Kyuzo Takimura, dealt the death blow.

Henri Volchaire

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