Hilbert Cantormann

Badger Avenger


Hilbert is a relatively young badgerman, a descendant of the old Waxtoners. Waxton was the city of the badgers in ages past; a small, peaceful town, the people were dedicated to justice, lending their hands to the world at crucial moments in times of war. They also served as peacekeepers and servants of the law in times of calm, in particular in their continued, though somewhat unnoticed fighting with the Yuan-ti, or the snake-people bent on destruction and plunder. Though they always contributed to the world order beyond their means and obligations, the small scale at which they did so has left them among the many unsung heroes of history.

In recent ages, however, the Waxtoners faced a gruesome, treacherous attack on the part of the Yuan-ti, who penetrated, by mysterious means, deep into the city’s notoriously thick defenses, ravishing the town and scattering its people. Approximately one hundred years after this attack, Hilbert was born to the descendants of a Waxton minister. Fortunate enough to be born among one of the larger remnants of Waxton, he grew up learning the traditional ways of his people: their crafts, their religion, and their people’s duty to the world. As he came closer to adulthood, he showed signs of recovering the spirit of the Waxton ministers, who drew on the Provider of Waxton (the people’s unnamed deity) to lead the people in government and in battle. Eventually, he received a calling from within to leave his community and family behind and carry out the Waxton legacy in the greater realms of Okknos. Hilbert has begun his journey — a quest for revenge against the Yuan-ti and for justice abroad — and has arrived in Twin Swords Springs as he has arrived in so many other cities: according to divine guidance that draws him to areas where the innocent are threatened by the cruel.

Those who knew Waxton lore best, before it was mostly lost in the Yuan-ti attack, would have predicted the birth of an individual who would live his life to defeat the Yuan-ti in a later age. When a rising evil threatens Okknos with a dreadful return to the days of darkness and chaos that followed the Shadow Conflict, the people of Waxton will remember their duty to protect justice and struggle relentlessly to restore peace to the world.

Hilbert Cantormann

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