Lillium the Flower

A woman of musical talent who is known far and wide.


Lillium has long red hair with slivers of gold in it that comes down to her waist. Often times it is put up in various ways that she learned from the elves. She always looks ready to perform in the highest of social occasions even while on the road. The dresses she wears were given to her by various lords and ladies who admire her and she often wears flowers in her hair. Her eyes are a sea green and sparkle with adventure.


The story of Lillium the Flower is known far and wide. She is a woman who showed talent at a young age and was taught by many bards in order to continue to refine that talent. Her place of residence is in Amollo, but often time you can find her on the road in her customary elven carriage pulled by a beautiful white steed. She is fond of the ocean and the sea. Men have tried to settle her down in marriage with promises of cruises and castles by the ocean. No one can tame the Flower though.

Lillium the Flower

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