Miria is an even six feet tall, slender yet muscular, with milk white skin and red tattoo-like markings across her face and body. Her long black hair is often worn up in an intricate hairstyle that changes daily and always appears to take a great deal of time to prepare. Her eyes are black, yet somehow not in a frightening or intimidating way. She is the picture of elegance and has an angelic quality about her.


Despite Miria’s apparent physical age, she has only spent 15 years in her current body. She is immortal and carries the memories of a thousand lifetimes, yet she has limited knowledge of this current plane. She is inexperienced, but she carries a wisdom about her from her faint memories of past lives. Miria has spent most of her current life as a Knight Hospitaler in the wilderness north-east of Silver Hill. She has ventured forth from the hospice to do her duty as a Deva and defeat evil.

Despite her lofty goals, Miria is aware of her inexperience and is attempting to curb it by taking up every opportunity to go head-to-head with wrongdoers. When she found herself at a bar in Twin Sword Springs that was being accosted by bandits, she seized the moment. She unexpectedly, but happily, found herself working with a strange group in order to a pending attack upon Twin Sword Springs and the surrounding cities/towns.


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