Revy the Hunter

Vitalian Bounty Hunter


Revy the Hunter is one of the more notorious bounty hunters in Vitalio. She is well-known for her quick temper, brash attitude, and deadliness with the sword and bow. Not much is known about her past, beyond that she grew up in Bonifant, where she still lives when she is not working. Revy’s been known to take almost any job that involves combat, as long as it pays well enough. Most recently, she was hired by the late King Chamoun to assist in guarding the southern border of Vitalio against the dragonborn empire. She travelled with the army, and participated in the siege of Bonifant. When General de Launay disbanded the army, Revy offered her services to Wil. She accompanied the heroes on their journey to Parth, and assisted in killilng Henri Volchaire. Afterwards, Dryug stole some of her things, and an angry Revy left the party and returned to Bonifant with Meldy.

Revy participates in the invasion of Henri Volchaire‘s tower. After one of the many battles she claims a necklace from the treasure much to the consternation of the rest of the party. Dryug spots her with a bag of holding taking a lot of priceless paintings and helps her while they make their way through the tower after killing Henri Volchaire. Revy then goes to support the Ronin in order to save more of the townsfolk while Wil and the others fight to save the rest of the soldiers from Bonifant. Both parties finally make it back and take an extended rest. Dryug sleeps only the 4 hours required of him and then attempts to pilfer Revy’s bag of holding and succeeds. As Revy wakes up, Dryug announces that they should go search immediately for more soldiers and towns people while Revy finds that she is missing one of her possesions. After a large back and forth between Dryug, Revy, Rekas, and Wil involving many half truths as well as lies, Revy decides to avoid a confrontation and asks Meldy to accompany her back to Bonifant. After coming back to Bonifant, Kyuzo contacts Revy and they agree to a duel for 3000g and honor.

Revy and Kyuzo gather to duel in the morning. Revy has Captain Bohmont to officiate the duel and hold the money and other prizes in escrow. Kyuzo comes out swinging and busts up Revy pretty badly, but Revy slashes Kyuzo 3 times in a row dealing enough damage to knock out kyuzo. Revy goes over to collect the money from Captain Bohmont, and pleasantries are exchanged. Revy then walks off.

Later, Revy initially refuses to help with defense of the hill; however, she asks about rewards and changes her mind upon hearing that she can obtain some valuable treasures. However, she hesitates because Dryug is also going on the mission, but she ultimately decides to go anyway as long as she doesn’t have to participate in battle with him.

Seven years later, Revy lives aboard The Adriana, and plays a large role in defending the ship from the monsters that roam Haven during these dark days.

Revy the Hunter

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