The "first citizen' of Twin Sword Springs, the owner of Telmar's Emporium, and a shapeshifting dragon


Telmar the “half-elf” is the “first citizen” of Twin Sword Springs and owns a general store called Telmar’s Emporium. He appears to be around thirty years old, with pale skin, grey eyes, and long, straight black hair. He generally leaves the day to day operation of the store to Geristranomos, and supposedly spends most of his time creating the magical items for which his shop is well known.

Telmar founded the outpost that eventually became Twin Sword Springs.

Telmar is actually a dragon with the ability to shapeshift. His dragon name is Aeglos, and he was Eldarion Telchontar’s dragon.

After Twin Sword Springs was sacked by Vitalian forces, Telmar travelled to Vitalio to seek revenge. While investigating a secret passage underneath the king’s castle, he was sucked into a portal along with a beholder. This led to the creation of an alternate reality where he waged a eternal war against the beholder and its foulspawn servants, with the help of other steel dragons and half-elves. Eventually, a group of adventurers tipped the balance of power in Telmar’s favor, and he was able to kill the beholder and return to Okknos with two smaller dragons, and about one hundred half-elves.


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