Female steel dragon from an alternate dimension


Terratancia is a human female who offered her services to the PCs as one of two (the other being Blade a dragon shapeshifted as a peredhil) during the siege of Bonifant in one of the attempts to destroy siege weapons.

As the PCs were debating, Terratancia called Blade’s plan of flying the PCs in foolish. However, Dryug accepted Blade’s offer and he transformed into a dragon and started flying the PCs in. Terratancia went off in an upset huff, but Miria was able to persuade her to take part in the battle due to flattery that Blade’s idea was likely to fail and she would be needed to save the day.

Terratancia came to the site of the battle and did not engage until an enemy decided to attack her. At the end of the battle, Blade refuses King Wil’s plea to fly the PCs back to the castle because he was having too much fun during the battle while destroying catapults and enemies forcing the PCs to rely on Terratancia in order to teleport back into the castle.

The teleport was only partially successful because it send various of the PCs off into an alternate dimension before finally getting them all back into th castle. King Wil thanks Terra for her assistance.


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