Okknos Prime

Too much gumbo
With exotic Far Realm spices!

After the dreadful battle with the Yuan-ti patrol the previous day, the party wakes up and begins discussing its plan to continue on its quest to resurrect Valez Du’ Urth. As they deliberate, a caravan approaches the camp. It is a small caravan of dwarves, lead by Dori Brightstone.

The caravan brings news of Chevkos’ escape from the Silver Hill Jail. Word from the surviving guards has it that he was broken out by a man in black clothes carrying an enormous sword and acting alone. The party quickly arrives at the conclusion that this must have been the Black Reaper. After discussing this hideous and frightening news, which makes evident the fearful truth that the enemy is strong and growing stronger, the party comes back to the subject of raising Valez; Jaeleo Artimer informs them that his resurrection will require very special magical artifacts in order to succeed.

The party asks him where such artifacts might be found; he raises a rumor that the Dwarven kingdom of Kullengaard might be in possession of some artifacts that could be suitable for this purpose, but denies any possibility that the group would be able to gain them peacefully. He also mentions that the Yuan-ti are currently in possession of a few items that might work: a feather of the Raven Queen, a Ruby Sphere, and the Queen Bee from the Hives of Waxton. Given that the Yuan-ti seem to be somewhat aligned with the Black Reaper, the party arrives at the grim conclusion that the next step of their journey will take them to the gates of the City of Fangs.

Before leaving, one of the hospitaliers, a dwarven paladin named Rovendor Hammersmith, offers to join them to the City. Having been among the hospitaliers for quite some time, he is known to Miria, who introduces him to the rest of the party. After introductions are made, the party sets off to attack the City of Fangs.

On their trek through the forest, the party encounters a group of strange, bug-like creatures. Unknown to any member of the group, these creatures have insect-like faces and eyes, carrying daggers in each of four hands. Although frighteningly mysterious, these wandering monsters do not pose a serious threat to the group, and are defeated easily after a well-coordinated effort by the adventuring party.

Coming to the top of a hill, catching their first glimpses of the tops of the buildings in the city of fangs, the group finds an astonishing sight: they see Telmar, the shopkeeper in Twin Sword Springs, standing over the slain body of Kornzinalikur, the great Copper Dragon that had nearly completely slain the adventuring party less than a week before. Telmar was wearing chain mail, and carried two sheathed swords. The strangest part of this image, however, was that Telmar appeared remarkably unhurt. After expressing their shock at the sight, Telmar informs them why he allowed the party to enter a fatal battle against Kornzinalikur when he was completely able to defeat her himself: firstly, he wanted to uncover the party’s capabilities, and secondly, he has always sought to avoid the dangers of a life in which he constantly exerted his strength in battle, choosing instead the humble life of a shopkeeper in a peaceful town.

After this discussion, the party asks him what he might know about the strange creatures they fought earlier that day, and he gathers from their description that they had come against Foulspawn, creatures of the Far Realm. The most frightening fact of this speculation is that these creatures cannot have reached these parts on their own — some other power must have brought them out. Fears are felt about the implications of this fact, but none are voiced.

Slow to trust this man, who has so far proven to possess and to conceal his own secrets at the party’s expense, Dryug devises a harmless test of his abilities, and stealthily hurls a sack of Mr. Ma‘s gumbo towards Telmar. In a comic attempt at reconciliation, Ravendor tries to intercept the bag of strange mush, leaping forward to catch it, but he immediately falls to the ground and rolls down the hill. It appeared that he was so overcome by the gumbo’s pure filthiness, that he was physically repelled off of the knoll. Undistracted by this odd reaction, Telmar easily sidesteps the speeding wad of soggy leaves and unknown meat. Impressed by this dodging maneuver, the party asks him if he would be willing to join them on their journey to the Yuan-ti stronghold; he accepts, and they continue, down into the swamp.

As they journey through the swamp, the city slowly appears through gaps in the thick, murky trees. To ensure a safe return passage, Will begins marking trees with magical burns; Piss, Mr. Ma’s baffling mount, marks them otherwise.

As surely as clouds bring rain, swamps bring danger. Deep in the dark maze of the swamp, Hilbert Cantormann and Dryug hear a number of swamp creatures following them. Before the party can be alerted and called into formation, a group of lizardmen and crocodiles attack! Immediately, Telmar leaps into action against a close-by lizardmen, and obliterates him with a vicious flurry of blows from his twin swords. Hilbert runs after a lizardman in the opposite direction, and Will follows after to blast at the group of swamp creatures beyond, but quickly falls into the enormous jaws of a giant crocodile. Mr. Ma runs to help with a necrotic blast, as Miria, Rekas, and Dryug follow to offer the blows of their weapons, while in the confusion, Wil is poisoned by a blowdart fired by a lizardman hiding low in the marsh waters. Finally, Rekas Selchar manages to strike the crocodile so viciously that Will is released from its deadly grasp.

Hilbert makes a fiery strike against the nearest lizardman, who bursts into flames, spreading onto one of his allies as they burn him alive. Oddly, though, this lizardman pulls himself away from the immediate enemy, working himself into the center of the party’s formation to attack Rekas, the nearest human being. However, he is crippled under Miria’s strength, and Rekas’ destroys him almost casually before tearing into another giant crocodile, who has begun snapping its jaws at Telmar. Meanwhile, Mr. Ma conjures a number of mirrors from the ground, surrounding one of the burning lizardmen on the opposite side of the fray. Hilbert follows up by beginning an attack on the enmirrored enemy, who is finished off by his own ally, who has been induced into confusion by Will’s powerful magic.

As Telmar, Miria, Will, and Rekas polish off the remaining lizardmen, Hilbert, Dryug, and Mr. Ma run off into the marsh East of their path, hoping to find the sneaky one who has been firing venomous darts into the formation. Nevertheless, he evades their sights and attacks until the rest of the party manages to join them; at this point, Will slows the unseen enemy, but inadvertently hampers the movement of Hilbert and Miria as well in the process. Dryug, Miria, Telmar, and Hilbert each makes an attempt to charge the elusive creature, until they finally defeat him with far more irritation than resistance. As they regroup on the drier path, Mr. Ma is found skinning the gators, mumbling about gumbo and sacks, although which product the gator skin is more suited for, the group cannot discern. Rekas, always adorning himself with exotic artifacts of his savage conquest, collects the gators’ largest teeth.

As they continue in their approach towards the city, the adventurers take an uneasy rest on a dry patch of land under a rotting, leaning tree. A watch is set, but thankfully no danger befalls them. They awake, march the final miles before coming into sight of the city walls, and set to the austere business of planning their attack against the Yuan-ti city.

It is concluded that the artifacts they seek will most likely be kept in the jealously guarded temple, central to the town. This fact makes outright infiltration difficult, since they will have to march past every vigil and every guard in the city before arriving at the temple, where the Yuan-ti’s priests and sorcerers will undoubtedly wield great power in defending the precious treasures. Although the Yuan-ti people is not composed exclusively of warriors, the party is aware that, when the Yuan-ti do march, they are not trifled with casually. Telmar offers his service as a distraction against the main force of the city; although they are skeptical of his ability to withstand an entire army, Mr. Ma claims that his sticks have indicated that this idea is reliable (although some of the party silently wonder whether Mr. Ma may be misinterpreting Piss’s chew marks in the sticks as clairvoyant signs). As Telmar draws away the bulk of the city’s warriors, the party will infiltrate the temple and retrieve the magical items. Miria, who remains doubtful of the party’s ability to withstand a defense system of indefinite, and most likely formidable, strength, is finally persuaded of the plan when Will volunteers the possibility of producing an illusion of the Black Reaper in case of an emergency; the illusion would be able to intimidate any aggressive Yuan-ti and convince them that the party’s invasion is his will, and that they are either powerless against him, or that they will simply have to accept the pillaging of their treasures as part of the cost of being on his side. As an additional preparation, Mr. Ma magically generates a large amount of gold, thinking that the greedy, self-serving Yuan-ti may be compromised by a quick bribe.

The group approaches the city. Inside, they see a courtyard featuring a large statue of a snake constricting and killing a badger; Hilbert is clearly angered by the monolith, but his expression is subdued by the knowledge that he will soon have his chance at vengeance within the temple. Telmar walks up to the gates, effortlessly stunning two guards that approach him. He climbs to the top of the vile statue, yelling “Death to the Yuan-ti!” and kicks off the head of the snake. As the vicious head falls to the ground, its fangs breaking off on impact with the earth, Yuan-ti soldiers swarm to the courtyard, allowing a not-too-subtle adventuring party to wander through the courtyard and up to the temple with ease. Fortunately for the group, the guards in front of the temple seem to have clamored towards the commotion in the courtyard. Unfortunately, though, as Dryug tries to open the temple door and get a view of the interior, the Yuan-ti’s miserable infrastructure gives the party away as the door’s rusty hinges and uneven edges scrape and grind out an alarum, calling to attention all the Yuan-ti militants within. Dryug pokes his head into the room and sees a number of snakes armed with greatswords and Fire Snakes. They see him as well, and the adventurers part with the shelter of Telmar’s tactical diversion.

I'm not a dragon
In which Hilbert is resurrected, and then everyone almost dies.
  • They find a letter addressed to Chevkos. It contains a promise of help from Vitalio and the Yuan-ti when Chevkos attacks Twin Sword Springs. Wil recognizes the Vitalian royal seal on the letter.
  • Chevkos is dying after getting hit by Korzinalikur’s acid breath. He is stabilized and wakes up.
  • When asked if he knows anyone who knows the raise dead ritual, Isembold mentions a powerful magician in Silver Hill. He also says that she makes him uneasy.
  • Dryug and Miria rescue Chevkos from the angry townspeople. The townspeople take the captured bandits back to Silver Hill. Quadforce remains behind with the party to interrogate Chevkos.
  • Chevkos reveals he had no contact with either Vitalio or the Yuan-Ti directly. Instead he talked with them through The Black Reaper. Chevkos would be allowed to rule the nearby area once he acquired the fire titan heart from Twin Sword Springs.
  • Quadforce takes Chevkos to Silver Hill. The party decides to go see an order of hospitallers that Miria knows about. The hospitallers protect the road between Twin Sword Springs and the dwarven kingdom of Kullengaard.
  • Mr. Ma predicts that Wil will do something stupid soon. Wil trips on a rock on his way out of the fortress.
  • The party arrives in Twin Sword Springs. They go to see Telmar, but they are told he is on a trip. They talk to Cynswyn instead. Wil and Mr. Ma both use arcana to inspect a strange black mark on her neck. They sense an evil aura emanating from it, and a good aura emanating from an amulet on her neck. The good aura is keeping the evil one contained. Mr. Ma can tell the evil aura is from the far realm. Cynswyn asks them if they magically probe every girl they meet or just her. Wil is apologetic, but Mr. Ma continues asking. Miria changes the subject.
  • Cynswyn asks about the events at Prospect Hill. The party asks her for a horse and cart to haul the bodies. She says one will be ready in the morning.
  • When the adventurers leave Telmar’s Emporium, they run into Tea. She is very upset that Valez is dead. When she finds out that he was killed by a dragon, she attempts to go after it. The party prevents her from leaving, and Miria invites her to come with them to resurrect Valez.
  • The party travels to the hospitallers. Their leader, Jaelo Artimer, greets them and agrees to resurrect Hilbert and Valez. Upon examining Valez, however, he announces he cannot resurrect a revenant since it requires someone with darker power.
  • Tea is very upset by this news, and Miria goes to comfort her. Dryug sneaks up behind her, and activates globe of darkness. When it clears, Tea’s eyes turn reptilian, and Dryug is stunned. Wil and Miria realize that they’ve seen similar powers used by dragons. Tea’s attack though, seemed much more powerful.
  • Tea eventually admits she is the right age to have been one of the first dragons to reawaken. She refuses to admit she is a dragon. The party, however, is not convinced.
  • Tea decides she is going to find a way to resurrect Valez. The party doesn’t stop her from leaving. She heads directly towards Silver Hill, not following the path.
  • Hilbert wakes up and is reunited with the party. They agree to go on one of the hospitaliers’ patrol routes.
  • They are attacked by a lot of snakes and a snake-person. Things are looking grim for our heroes until they are rescued by Octavius Shigoon and some hospitaliers. Everyone heads back to the hospitaller base.
A Dance With Dragons

Inside the Goblin Cave

The party has just finished slaughtering guards and wolves at the entrance to the goblin cave.

As they briefly rest to catch their breath, they hear shouts further into the cave.

They follow further to see what is going on, and find a dragon cornered by a cluster of goblins. Diplomatic relations break down, and the dragon begins attacking the goblins.

Suddenly, a large number of goblins pops up behind the party, hurling spears at Rekas and Wil.

Rekas, Hilbert, and Wil quickly dispatch them, aided by Octavius whose halberd toss finishes the last of the group.

Miria and Wil convince the dragon that the party is on his side, and together they eliminate all but one of the goblins, who surrenders.

The dragon decides he will give no quarter, finishing him off despite Valez’ attempts to stop him.

Thraesk, the Iron Wind

In the aftermath, Dryug trips and falls, rolling into the scaffolding which immediately collapses. The dragon is peeved, but otherwise not terribly harmed.

The party attempts to convince the dragon to stay and talk, or at least visit Twin Sword Springs, but the dragon will have none of it and flies away, saying that this will not be the last they hear of Thraesk, the Iron Wind. Dryug attempts to leap onto the dragon, but fails miserably.

Exploring the cave, Hilbert discovers a load-bearing root which he pulls, bringing down the goblin ‘dungeon’.

The party returns to Twin Sword Springs, where they inform Telmar that the dragon is freed. He rewards them with gold, then tells them that he has scouted the bandit fortress. It is located about a day’s journey away, and there are about 20 bandits inside.

The party spends the night at the Hungry Hungry Halfling then head out to take on the bandits.

The Bandit Fortress

They find that the fortress is up on a hill, well-lit to make it difficult to sneak up on, with gates guarded by two of the bandits.

Hilbert turns into a badger and burrows toward them to attempt to surprise them, but they react quickly, running inside and closing the gate.

Two bandits in a tower just inside the fortress begin to fire a ballista at the party, who seek shelter under the cover of the walls.

Dryug flies over to the top of the wall, balances gingerly on it, and attempts (and fails) to toss one of the torches up into said tower.

Inside the fortress, several crossbow-wielding bandits run into view and pepper Dryug with crossbow bolts, nearly killing him as he falls unconscious from the wall. Valez and Miria tend to his wounds, bringing him back to consciousness.

Rekas breaks through the gate and charges after the bandits who attacked Dryug. They immediately surround him and take him down, and a dozen new guards run out of the barracks.

The rest of the party enters the fort, and gradually fights their way through the bandits.

Miria revives Rekas, and the last few bandits surrender. The party questions them, and find out that Chevkos is inside a large building on the hill along with seven bugbears and the dragon.
The party brings the ballista down from the tower and position it in front of one of the doors to the building.

Chevkos’s Offer

A bugbear pops out and tells the party that Chevkos wants to see them. Valez, Octavius, Wil, Miria, and Hilbert enter the building to hear what he has to say.

As they enter, they briefly meet the Black Reaper who wields a large sword which seems very familiar to Valez. He conjures a portal and disappears.

Chevkos is impressed that the party defeated his bandits and makes them an offer: if they help him attack Twin Swords Springs, he will give them something in return. Pressing him further, they find that he is seeking the Fire Titan Heart which is desired by the powers that employ the Black Reaper. In return, they will give him power over the region.

Valez refuses Chevkos’s offer, and walks to to attack. The bugbears draw their weapons and a desperate fight begins. A dragon flies out of a pit in the center of the room, and sprays most of the party with a splash of acid.

Dryug and Rekas had been waiting at the other entrance for signs of conflict. They open the door and Dryug begins firing ballista bolts at the dragon. Several of the bugbears run over and attempt to destroy the ballista. Rekas pushes the ballista toward the bugbears, knocking them over. The bugbears keep whacking at the ballista and finally destroy it. Rekas climbs onto the ruins and bashes one of them with his sword, pushing him into the pit, where he dies.

Meanwhile, the others trade blows with the remaining bugbears. Miria casts one of the bugbears into the pit, and Hilbert jumps down and finishes him off. He finds a tunnel in the side of the pit and follows it, finding a set of stairs which lead to an (apparently) empty room. He luckily finds a secret door and runs back into the fight.

Eventually, Miria is overwhelmed by the bugbears and is knocked unconscious. The dragon attacks Wil and brings down the fragile wizard.

Hilbert, Rekas, and Valez knock out Chevkos, then turn to fight the dragon. Valez jumps onto the dragon, causing both of them to crash into the ground. The revenant is knocked unconscious.

Hilbert and Rekas strike the dragon with mighty blows, but she turns on them and breathes acid, dropping both of them with the aid of several bugbears. Off by the door, Dryug slumps to the ground as another of the bugbears smashes him with a morningstar.

Finding herself badly wounded, the dragon leaves the fortress through one of the open doors. The remaining bugbears seek to flee through a hidden door, and one of them picks up Chevkos and attempts to carry him with them.

Octavius runs over to the secret door and blocks it so that the bugbear carrying Chevkos can’t escape.

Dryug flits in and out of consciousness, but after a few moments he gets a hold of himself and climbs to his feet. He runs over to Miria and administers a healing potion, bringing her back to consciousness. Dryug and Miria manage to save Wil and Rekas, but find that Hilbert and Valez are beyond aid.

The party finishes off all but one of the bugbears (who flees) and find themselves down two allies, with Chevkos as their prisoner.

An Unexpected Robbery
Our Adventure Begins
  • The PCs at the common table are engaged in conversation by Temli, the dwarven masseuse.
  • Valez stumbles through the door, wearing nothing but a loincloth. Fredregar “Fatty” Bolger, the innkeeper, takes pity on him, and gives him food and some (halfling-sized) clothes.
  • Upon seeing Valez, an elven waitress gasps, covers her mouth with her hands, and runs out of the inn. Dryug smirks and makes a remark about surface elves.
  • A group of bandits burst through the door, and demand money. Hilbert stands up to them, and so the bandits all walk over to the adventurer’s table to take care of the troublemaker.
  • Our heroes refuse to be bullied, and a fight ensues. The bandits are quickly and easily dispatched.
  • Fatty Bolger expresses shock that any bandits would dare to attack Twin Sword Springs. The town, he explains, is protected by a powerful guardian that kills everyone who attacks the town. No one has dared to attack the town for the past five years or so.
  • The elven waitress approaches Valez and asks if he remembers her. When Valez says he doesn’t, she runs off again.
  • The half-elf shopkeeper, Telmar, enters and expresses his thanks to the adventurers for saving the inn. He says he wishes to talk with them in the morning, and he will have a reward for them.
  • The door opens again, and Quadforce enters. They have protected Quest from another group of bandits. Upon seeing that The Hungry, Hungry Halfling is safe, their leader, Isembold Burrows congratulates the party for doing so well, for a bunch of untrained citizens.
  • Quadforce has captured a bandit, which they allow the party to question. (Professional adventurers know to leave one person alive for questioning, after all.) That bandit brags that more attacks are coming, the bandits’ have a dragon, and that no one is safe, etc.
  • After Content Not Found: rekas-selchar intimidates the bandit by slamming his sword into a booth by the bandit’s head, the bandit reveals that the main bandit force, led by Chevkos and the dragon, is attacking Silver Hill tonight. He also says that the bandits’ main base is halfway between Silver Hill and Twin Sword Springs.
  • Miria wishes to head to Silver Hill, and have Quadforce protect Twin Sword Springs, but Isembold explains that Quadforce is based in Silver Hill, and so they will go there.
  • Our heroes must now choose between protecting Twin Sword Springs or attacking the bandits’ base. Fatty Bolger tells them that Twin Sword Springs has no defenses because the legend of the guardian means that there’s no need for them. If anyone could organize some sort of defense, it would be Telmar.
  • Telmar gives everyone a magic item as thanks for defending the town. He speaks with Valez in private and gives him equipment.
  • Telmar assures everyone Twin Sword Springs is well protected. When pressed, he will only say he knows who the guardian is. He does not trust the characters well enough to tell them anything else.
  • Telmar suggests that the characters take care of a different problem while he scouts out the bandit base. Dragons can be quite deadly after all. A group of goblins have captured a dragon, and Telmar wants the adventurers to free it. Telmar is sure the dragon is there unwillingly, after all, he knows a lot about dragons.
  • The party eventually agrees to do this, and rests for the night at The Hungry, Hungry Halfling before heading out. The halflings have nailed a board over the gash that Rekas made while questioning the bandit.
  • In the morning, the party travels for half a day before reaching the goblins’ hideout. They meet some goblins who are fleeing from the cave, yelling how the dragon is going to kill them all.
  • Miria attempts to convince the goblins they are there to help, but the goblins are convinced the party is there to steal their treasure, and attack. The party makes short work of the goblins, and cuts down those who attempt to flee.
  • The party is attacked by goblins and wolves at the gate. Dryug’s cloud of darkness makes one of the goblins shoot a wolf instead. Wil hangs back and casts spells.
  • The goblins and wolves are easily defeated, and the party heads into the cave. Hilbert hears voices from deeper in the cave. They sounds like goblins, and… something else.
Welcome to Twin Sword Springs
Campaign Setting

Ninety-seven years after the events of War and Wrymlings, Haven is a peaceful place. The major kingdoms are at peace, and no imminent threats loom from the outside. The dragonborn have rebuilt Sunwyn, and many of the awakened dragons dwell nearby. Some of the powers that be in Haven are concerned about a resurgent dragonborn empire, but so far the dragonborn have appeared content with the area surrounding Sunwyn and Amollo.

Our adventure begins in the frontier town of Twin Sword Springs. According to legend, the town’s hot springs were formed when the legendary swordsman, Eldarion Telchontar, slew a fire giant. The giant’s body melted the earth, and the residual heat from his body powers the springs today.

Twin Sword Springs serves two purposes. First, it is a place for adventurers to rest and resupply before travelling further into the wilderness. Second, the town’s hot springs make it a popular destination for Haven’s wealthy tourists. For despite the town’s location close to the edge of civilized land, Twin Sword Springs seems oddly free from attacks by bandits, goblins, or any of the other creatures that plague similar towns.

Our adventure begins at one of Twin Sword Springs’ two inns: The Hungry, Hungry Halfling. You have journeyed to Twin Sword Springs for your own reasons, and are enjoying a meal at the inn.


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