Okknos Prime

Welcome to Twin Sword Springs
Campaign Setting

Ninety-seven years after the events of War and Wrymlings, Haven is a peaceful place. The major kingdoms are at peace, and no imminent threats loom from the outside. The dragonborn have rebuilt Sunwyn, and many of the awakened dragons dwell nearby. Some of the powers that be in Haven are concerned about a resurgent dragonborn empire, but so far the dragonborn have appeared content with the area surrounding Sunwyn and Amollo.

Our adventure begins in the frontier town of Twin Sword Springs. According to legend, the town’s hot springs were formed when the legendary swordsman, Eldarion Telchontar, slew a fire giant. The giant’s body melted the earth, and the residual heat from his body powers the springs today.

Twin Sword Springs serves two purposes. First, it is a place for adventurers to rest and resupply before travelling further into the wilderness. Second, the town’s hot springs make it a popular destination for Haven’s wealthy tourists. For despite the town’s location close to the edge of civilized land, Twin Sword Springs seems oddly free from attacks by bandits, goblins, or any of the other creatures that plague similar towns.

Our adventure begins at one of Twin Sword Springs’ two inns: The Hungry, Hungry Halfling. You have journeyed to Twin Sword Springs for your own reasons, and are enjoying a meal at the inn.


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