“Aye, tis a good place this dragonborn kingdom. Good fer trade, if not for some external forces though…well this would not have been a peaceful transition.”
-Citizen of Amollo

Amollo sat nestled against the sea and a haunting secret for decades. It prospered as a city that saw its freedom attained and then glorified through a festival every year. The city has known strife and was well familiar with it. The shadows of the city hid more than just a beggar and a group known as the Crimson Knights flourished during a time when history was about to change.

On a silent night a grave image displayed itself among the people of Amollo. Revolution was at hand. The people feared the growing anticipation and rightly so. It was strange and unusual occurrences that lead to a peaceful transition. Some whisper that it was a strange divine providence indeed that moved the rock from its throne. Amollo enjoyed peace.

A few years later…

Sunwyn, the dragonborn city, arose from the ashes. Its proximity to Amollo begged the question concerning the fate of Amollo. Dragonborn poured out from the cracks and shadows of the continent and spilled about the rocks of the southeast. It seemed as if the whole world stood united behind the banner of the dragonborn. People account this atmosphere to the peaceful transition from two separate cities into one. Others say it was because Amollo had become so tired of strife and violence that the thought of any dispute was tossed out the window. None would dispute the part Arygno Arbitros played in it. The dragon rider helped the city as it evolved and kept many a dispute from growing into something more sinister.

The truth stood by the end of the century, a grand city, which contained the past city of Amollo and the dead city of Sunwyn.

The dragonborn city has the atmosphere and excitement of a new city. Anyone who approaches it can scarcely believe theirs eyes as all manners of people young and old bustle about the streets. The city sought itself a dream and its people woke up everyday to realize that dream, stone by stone.

Amollo is home to the legendary adventuring guild, Team Zalthannus, as well as the criminal group Ravenous.


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