Few know the final whereabouts of the dragon-rider, Kitten, and his silver mount, Friend; however, most legends intertwine their final moments with the disappearance of the evil purple dragon who had sought to enslave all races of the Covarus Mountains and Valley of Whispers. There are some that say they destroyed the evil purple dragon and its minions, dying in the final battle. Other rumors say they chased the beast out of Haven and that a silver dragon can still be seen on a clear day, patrolling the mountains and the northern borders of Haven. Still others claim the purple dragon retreated to the depths of the earth and that Kitten and his valiant dragon pursued their prey to the very center of the earth. Another tale states that the dragon fled to the center of the earth, and Kitten and his dragon sacrificed themselves to seal the purple creature in the underdeep of Haven.

There is a small tribe of goblin folk in the woods in the foothills south east of the Covarus Mountains that claim to be the defenders of all free peoples of Haven. Unlike most goblins, this group has chosen a path other than pillaging and harassing their neighbors. The tribe mostly keeps to themselves and few even know of their existence. They claim to serve a wise and mighty benefactor, a dragon from the beginning of the second age of dragons.

Legend has it that the son of their chieftain was lost in the woods and was feared dead. After three days of searching, he was discovered at the mouth a stream that fed into a large cave. There, the boy was in deep conversation with a stone guardian. Ironically the boy and the warrior statue were talking about skipping stones. In the sky above was a dragon who appeared to be watching over both of them. The boy became a man and then became the chief. The tribe has considered itself guardians of Haven ever since.

The few that have ever encountered these goblins have mostly responded with pleasant disbelief, thankful that the goblins had found a reason not to terrorize them.


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