The Hungry, Hungry Halfling

The Hungry Hungry Halfling

“Oh, you can search far and wide
You can drink the whole town dry
But you’ll never find a beer so brown
As the one we drink in our hometown

You can keep your fancy ales
You can see what that can bring
But the only brew for the brave and true

Anyone approaching the tavern, no matter what time, you can always hear the joyful sounds of laughter, singing, and the occasional belching. The Hungry Hungry Halfling is truly the finest tavern in Twin Swords Spring. The interior is well furnished with halfling benches and tables. If you are of the “giant” persuasion they even have an assortment of cans to boost the height of your table and chair to better accommodate the taler folk of the land. Fredregar “Fatty” Bolger, is the proprietor of this glorious establishment and you can often see him smoking a fresh batch of fire giant weed on his favorite bench near the bar.

The tavern is not only known for its excellent accommodations, but also the greatest brew in the north east. The menu always changes though the taste remains the same, but everyone in town agrees that the stuff brewed in the secret cellars of the Hungry Hungry Halfling will quench your thirst more than water. A famed warrior once had the choice between a healing potion and the amazing Hungry Hungry Halfling Mead and choose the Mead! They offer drinks and food for early breakfast, late breakfast, catch up to breakfast,second breakfast, elevensees, early luncheon, lunch, tea time, second tea time,afternoon tea, third tea time, sun rising desert time, supper, dinner and the list really goes on and on.

So come all ye weary folk and lay your head and gold upon the mahogany within the Hungry Hungry Halfling and prepare to stay for a very long time.

The Hungry, Hungry Halfling

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