Okknos Prime

Black Hole Foulspawn!

  • Our heroes engage the foulspawn in Wimbli. Meldy rescues her past self from a partially collapsed house before joining the battle. It is a long and difficult battle, complicated by enormous foulpawn that suck in everything around them, and a foulspawn mage that banishes people to a pocket dimension.
  • Once the foulspawn are defeated, Kyuzo Takimura berates Meldy for allowing this to happen. Meldy agrees that she is responsible. Dryug and Miria slap Kyuzo. Everyone heads off to find Adriana Prevot. She is sitting at the edge of the forest, much calmer than when the adventurers left her. She assures the anxious party members that she had nothing to do with the foulspawn incursion, and indicates that she is feeling much better now. Meldy walks off with Prevot to have a private conversation. Orryn attempts to follow them, but is spotted by Meldy. When confronted, he returns to the group.
  • The party returns to town to search for survivors. They do not find any. They begin digging graves for the dead villagers. Their conversation done, Meldy and Adriana return and assist with the grave-digging. Meldy speaks a few words over the completed graves, apologizing for her inability to save the town. Then, she leaves her younger self with Prevot and transports the adventurers back to the future.
  • Our heroes find themselves aboard a boat in the middle of the ocean. Okabe Rintaro tells them that they have succeeded in changing history. Nhilithra Zauath has not revealed herself. The heroes are returned to their own time.


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