Okknos Prime

Changelings Everywhere!

Not all changelings are bad, just every single one that we meet

  • The town of Amollo is under a strange spell. No one can die, and anyone who suffers fatal injuries simply wakes up a little later. The city is quarantined, but this is not stopping Rekas Selchar and Orryn from trying to enter the city. Both Jin-Feyn Talvanae and Tabitha are assisting the city guard in keeping people out.
  • Orryn and Rekas are rebuffed by the guard when they try to gain access. Orryn wanders around outside and finds a magic tree. When he touches it, he is teleported inside. Rekas shows off for the crowds outside the city. Someone sneaks up and touches him. He is also teleported into the city, along with the old man who touched him. Both Orryn and Rekas arrive in the same watchtower, but at different times.
  • The guard captain realizes that someone has slipped past the quarantine, and sends Jin-Feyn and Tabitha to investigate. Jin-Feyn traces the teleportation magic to the watchtower, and confronts Rekas and the old man. After some searching, she finds Orryn too. The old man babbles about prime numbers and the four adventurers being the chosen ones. Jin-Feyn insists that Rekas, Orryn, and the old man must be brought to the guard, since they have broken the law. The old man warns of dire consequences if this path is taken. Eventually, everyone agrees to listen to Jin-Feyn.
  • Everyone is brought to the prison. The guards take Rekas’ and Orryn’s belongings. They are ushered into a small room, where guards prepare to execute the intruders. Jin-Feyn realizes the guards are imposters. A fight ensues. Rekas and Orryn retrieve their belongings. Eventually, more guardsmen come. The adventurers manage to convince the new guards that the old guards are imposters, and are allowed to leave.
  • The adventures question the old man, since his previous prediction has come true. He tells them that their destiny lies in a graveyard and with a man named Greg. He also explains that he belongs to a cult of mathematics. He invites them to his church for healing. Everyone goes, except for Tabitha, who goes to a bar.
  • The church is very boring, and the healing is very ineffective. Everyone goes to meet up with Tabitha. At the bar, the adventurers notice a man named Greg who matches the description that the old man gave. He approaches Tabitha and tries to get her to help with organ smuggling. Eventually, he tells Tabitha where to go if she wants to help.
  • Greg goes to leave the bar, but Jin-Feyn stops him. The man agrees to talk to her. He offers to give her information in exchange for money. Jin-Feyn agrees, but is able to tell the man is lying to her. She demands to know the truth. When Greg realizes he cannot deceive the eladrin, he attempts to poison her drink. Tabitha notices the bartender slip something into Jin-Feyn’s drink, and shatters the glass with her crossbow. Rekas passes by and shoves Greg into his own drink. At this, Greg whistles, and everyone else in the bar, with the exception of two unfortunate bystanders, transform into changelings.
  • Another fight ensues. Jin-Feyn telepathically asks a fleeing minstrel to bring the city guard. Orryn is knocked unconscious, as is a changeling. The city guard arrives. They do not believe the adventurers’ accusations until Rekas “kills” one of the disguised changelings. Upon his “death,” the changeling reverts to his natural form, lending evidence to the adventurers’ claims. The guards take the changelings into custody. Jin-Feyn eyes the guards suspiciously, and one of them winks at her. Jin-Feyn suggests that the adventurers retire to the Team Zalthannus guildhall for the night.


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