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Gnome Stacking and Drow Diplomacy

Belwar on the shoulders of Orryn enter the temple posing as an orc. They find Adriana Prevot with a bloody dagger and the corpse of an orc shaman. Belwar summons a stone wall around the aquahelix that squashes the already dead orc shaman. He then shouts/squeaks, “She’s killed the shaman! The one with the purple hair has killed him!”

Orcs outside shout, “What’s going on in there?”

Others come in to investigate. Taking a second look at the gnome-stack, one of them declares, “There’s a fake orc in here and the shaman is dead. Stand your ground while we figure this out.”

The orcs look to Adriana Prevot, their chieftain, who casually lies, “The imposter did it.”

Having sat out of the last few battles, Dryug is antsy. This combined with motives only a drow would understand causes him to fly to the top of the temple and shout, “KILL THE IMPOSTER!” He then sprays fire across the roof of the temple, sending an entire village of orcs into a frenzy.

Okabe Rintaro appears. “Real smooth.” The orcs begin to attack.

Miria speaks up “The chieftain is evil and wants to steal your stuff. We’re trying to stop her.”

The orcs immediately around her pause. “Then why did you light the temple on fire?”

Someone mumbles under their breath unconfidently the best lie that could be thought of in the moment. Miria hears and reproduces the lie more convincingly, “We’re trying to alert the others and to put a stop to her evil.”

The orcs nod. “Fire is a powerful force to stop enemies. The chieftain is our true enemy!”

Rekas Selchar pushes one of the orcs aside and charges to attack Adriana Prevot. Behind him the orcs shout that only orcs are allowed in the temple. The gnome-stack notes that Adriana Prevot is not an orc and Miria again diplomatically diffuses the situation saying the adventures are simply trying to cleanse the temple of her evil.

Dryug floats down to the ground to join the others, leaving behind a team of orcs that are frantically trying to squelch the rooftop flames. Belwar’s rock wall dissipates and Kyuzo Takimura attempts to grab the aquahelix. It is protected by an energy field. “Don’t touch that!” shouts every orc nearby.

The group huddles suspiciously in the middle of the temple. Orcs attempt to kindly usher them out of the temple and then less kindly attempt to usher them out. All the while, the adventurer’s plan how to steal their precious. Belwar comes up with a plan to steal the aquahelix that somehow involves resurrecting a stabbed, crushed shaman. Miria attempts to persuade the orcs to let them ressurrect the shaman.

“He died because he was weak. You’ll die if you don’t get out of this temple.”

“Can one of the adventurers be shaman?”

No. Only orcs can be shaman."


The orcs pause. “She became chieftain because she killed chieftain…but maybe only orcs should be chieftain…and definitely only orcs should be in orc temple”

The group rehuddles to brainstorm. Okabe Rintaro performs an arcana survey of the aquahelix and decides he can diffuse the energy field. The orcs draw swords and attack.

Okabe Rintaro begins waving his hands and chanting at a speed that seems to defy time itself. Around him battle insues. More orcs enter the temple at the sound of clanging steel. The door to the temple mysteriously slams shut as an invisible gnome casts an illusion. Rekas Selchar roundhouse kicks an orc to death. Dryug pulls out his acorn and summons a soldier construct to aid the battle. The sounds of orcs trying to break down the door echo within the temple.

A mirage of flying snakes distracts several enemies. Kyuzo Takimura and Dryug enter the calamity, dual-wielding daggers and swords. Both draw blood more than once but are thrown backward and land hard on the ground. Rekas Selchar sees an orc with magical armor and picks up its corpse, continue the battle with an orc across his shoulders.

Okabe Rintaro breaks the energy field and grabs the aquahelix, grabs it, and disappears. Several dead orcs later, Okabe Rintaro reappears. Some heated discussion begins about whether they should open the door to let more orcs into the temple to slay. A pair of hospitaliers take up position to guard the door.

Dryug attempts to reach over Belwar to open the door and the gnome lifts up an orc shaman corpse to block his path. Okabe Rintaro sighs and teleports everyone back to the future, including the mauled, mashed and very-dead corpse of the shaman.


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