Okknos Prime

I dreamed a dream of badgers gone by

  • Our heroes are summoned to the royal palace in Bonifant. They are ushered into a room where Hilbert Cantormann, Hope, and Tabitha are waiting for them. Hilbert explains that the Yuan-ti have cast a curse on his people. Many of them are sick and dying, and those who are physically well are paranoid and on edge. He believes that his town is haunted by an ancient Yuan-ti spirit.
  • Orryn suggests casting the Dream Concordance ritual. This should allow our heroes to defeat the Yuan-ti menace. After some discussion, everyone agrees to this plan. Each participant in the ritual names one location or creature to create the dream environment.
  • The heroes find themselves in a cross between Hilbert’s and Orryn’s hometowns. Badgermen go about their lives. Thanks to Dryug, there is treasure everywhere. Belwar has a pet stone golem to keep him company. Suddenly, Yuan-ti appear and attack! Rekas Selchar’s nemesis, McGregor, is also there. Rekas quickly puts him down. The Yuan-ti do not last much longer. A few try to flee, but Dryug and some badgermen take care of them.
  • The town scene fades, and is replaced by a battlefield. Lillium the Flower’s haunting voice pervades this place of death. A ruined pirate ship lies off to the side. More Yuan-ti confront the heroes. These snakes are stronger than the ones that attacked the town. After a long battle, our heroes are victorious. The last snake to fall is the one that was causing the problems. Our heroes wake up, and Hilbert thanks them for their help.


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