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Proper Burial Techniques and Apple Juice

  • Catcall and her cheetah arrive on the scene. She begins arranging the corpses of the Vitalian wizard and the foulspawn for burial. Wil goes over to help her. The rest of the party continues questioning Chevkos.
  • Rekas Selchar walks over to Catcall and tries to take a trophy from one of the foulspawn. She objects. After failing to shove her and her cheetah out of the way, and having a debate over the necessity of mutilating corpses, Rekas takes his trophy.
  • The party is ready to leave Twin Sword Springs, but Cynswyn reminds them that they should check on the main part of the town.
  • The only standing building in Twin Sword Springs is The Hungry, Hungry Halfling. Everyone except Catcall heads over to the remains of Telmar’s Emporium. Telmar, in half-elf form, is picking through the rubble. Telmar and Cynswyn have a touching reunion. The adventurers ask Telmar what he will do next. He plans to go to Vitalio. When the party offers to help, he says that he will meet them there in two weeks. Valez gives Telmar a note to give to Tea. He asks Telmar to give it to her after he leaves.
  • Upon further questioning, Chevkos says he believes that the Vitalian army travelled to Twin Sword Springs by teleportation. He doesn’t know where the circle is. Miria and Valez Du’ Urth fail to convince Chevkos that ruling over people is more trouble than it’s worth.
  • Catcall begins performing burial rites for dead villagers. She is interrupted by a concerned villager who wonders what she is doing to the bodies. She apologizes and moves on to a different body.
  • The party hears screams from the edge of town. They leave Chevkos with Telmar and go to investigate. They find villagers fleeing from foulspawn and a human mage.
  • A fight ensues. Valez is briefly turned into a toad, Rekas charges the foulspawn, is surrounded, and knocked unconscious. Miria kills the mage, Valez revives Rekas, and the foulspawn are mopped up. Rekas takes that mage’s belt, and Catcall agrees to journey with the party and take her share of the treasure later.
  • The group walks back to Telmar’s Emporium. Telmar and Cynswyn are gone, and Chevkos is lying tied up on the ground. Valez picks Telmar up. Dryug makes an uncouth remark about Tea. Valez tries to punch him, Dryug dodges and pushes Valez into the mud. It’s uncomfortable for both Valez and Chevkos.
  • The party heads towards The Hungry, Hungry Halfling. Catcall and Wil stop to help villagers. The group sees Quadforce helping out in the village as well. Miria and Valez ask Qurok to take Chevkos to a more secure prison. He refueses. Rekas and Dryug head into The Halfling for a drink.
  • Miria and Valez ask Elured Aranel about possible places to keep Chevkos where The Black Reaper won’t find him. Chevkos suggests freedom. Valez punches him. Elured doesn’t know any good places. He suggests most cities will be unwilling to jail a tiefling on the word of some eclectic adventurers. Only Silver Hill, the city from which Chevkos escaped, would definitely take him. Elured offers to investigate if a feywild prison will take him.
  • Dryug has some beer, and Rekas has some “apple juice.” The only fresh food at The Halfling is soup. Most of the inn’s common room is taken up with villagers huddling together, wrapped up in blankets. Fredregar “Fatty” Bolger, is cooking and eating as a form of stress relief.
  • Miria sees Tea sitting by herself. The townspeople seem to be avoiding her. She is holding a note, and has been crying recently. Wil goes over to talk to her, but Valez tells him to leave.
  • The rest of the party except for Valez eventually goes to The Hungry, Hungry Halfling for food and drink. Catcall gets food for her cheetah and hawk as well. The halfling waiter is too timid to refuse her.
  • Tea and Valez have an awkward conversation. They leave (with Chevkos) for the woods. Three hours later, they return without Chevkos. Everyone else has gone to bed. In the morning, the party leaves for Four Stones. Valez says that while he was dead, he participated in a battle there, and he wishes to learn about the aftermath, specifically if Telchontar’s descendant is still alive. The rest of the party agrees to do so, since from Four Stones, they can journey to the city of Mocklyn, and take a ship to Bonifant, the capital city of Vitalio.


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