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Shut the Door on Zombies!

I'll sleep when I'm dead!

  • Our heroes debate on the best course of action to take. Wil suggests sleeping inside a magic circle, but most of the party is in favor of leaving. Hilbert Cantormann is concerned that more badger-people may be imprisoned within the temple. The captured badgers say they haven’t seen anyone.
  • The party reopens the secret door, and engages the undead within the room in combat. Pis licks the magic circle on the floor, thereby breaking it. The zombies and skeletal archers are easily defeated. Mr. Ma heads down a tunnel on the far side of the room. Dryug shuts the door on him, and goes to pick the lock on the sole remaining unexplored door. Mr. Ma discovers the the tunnel leads outside the City of Fangs. He relays this information to the rest of the group. Rekas goes outside and sees a dragon circling the city.
  • The badger captives want to leave immediately. Some party members wish to explore further, but are reluctant to let the badgers brave the swamp by themselves. The badger-men refuse to stay any longer and leave by themselves. Dryug picks the lock with some difficulty and reveals a set of stairs leading further into the temple basement.
  • Dryug and Mr. Ma sneak down the stairs to explore. Dryug sees seven slumping skeletons in the hallway at the foot of the stairs. Mr. Ma sees four sets of glowing eyes in the darkness. Dryug heads back up the stairs.
  • Mr. Ma uses ghost sound to mimic a human voice saying “hello?” in the middle of the skeletons. The skeletons “wake up.” The ones with glowing eyes burst into flame, illuminating the hallway. The skeletons see Mr. Ma and chase him. Mr. Ma runs back up the stairs, and turns invisible after he is hit by a fireball. The rest of the party runs in to save him.
  • The non-flaming skeletons have a nasty habit of splintering into pieces when hit. The party is devastated by these flying boneshards. Hilbert unleashes a burst of thunder that shoves a skeleton backwards. The skeleton steps on a trigger plate for two crossbow turrets.
  • Rekas Selchar is on fire and is poisoned from the boneshards. He staggers up the stairs and passes out. Everyone is unconscious except for Dryug, Hilbert Cantormann, Mr. Ma, and Wil. Wil runs up to help Hilbert, is shot by a crossbow bolt, and passes out. Once Hilbert kills the last skeleton, the remaining crossbow turret retracts into the ceiling. The surviving party members use Rekas’ healing potion to revive Wil. They manage to stabilize everyone else.
  • Wil makes a magic circle in the room with the snake symbol on the floor. He attempts to ward against every type of creature. Mr. Ma notices his circle is very flimsy and breaks it. He then helps Wil make a new one that only wards against natural creatures. This one seems to be much stronger.
  • During the night, the party notices that the sounds of battle have ceased. As Mr. Ma, Wil, and Hilbert are waking up, the party hears voices talking in draconic nearby.
  • Miria is able to tell that these are Yuan-ti, and that they are trying to get into the room two rooms away from where the party is. Rekas wants to leave the temple, and Wil lets him out of the circle.
  • The Yuan-ti patrol manages to force open the portcullis. Mr. Ma opens the secret door, and attempts to charm the snake leader. He fails. Hilbert follows him out.


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