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The Dead vs the Almost-Dead

Alone on the balcony, Dryug takes what he can of value. He throws a marble pedestal to the ground below him. It belonged to the one that took his mind. He was glad Henri Volchaire was dead, but he did Henri Volchaire was not the only threat to him.

A group of humans enter the room below where the others attempt to catch their breath. The humans are dressed like Kyuzo Takimura and he seems to recognize them. They exchange a greeting. The explain that they are the other Ronin and pledge their allegiance to King Wil. After getting details of the calamity below, he promptly tells them they must go to rescue what remains of the army.

Down the spiral staircase they go. Wil leads. Dryug is tired and chooses to follow quietly, not sharing the others enthusiasm. At the foot of the tower, the group fans out to attack a group of lingering undead. Dryug leaves the staircase at the second floor to throw knives from the safety of the balcony. Below, a skeleton attempts to claw Kyuzo Takimura and is stunned by a thwack from the flat of one of his blades. Fire and blades take down the skeletons. A dead zombie rises to fight again. A flaming dagger set him to rest in an unexpected display of pyrotechnics. The arm of a skeleton is separated from its body and a shadowy mist spews outward, darkening the room and injuring those caught inside the darkness. Dryug quietly appreciates the beauty from above as he watches the others swing their weapons blindly in the darkness. One of Miria‘s wild flailings shatters part of a ribcage and the aura of darkness grows. Dryug cheers as the dismembered enemy shoots more darkness into the world. In the darkness, Rekas Selchar swings his giant sword powerfully, but ineffectively. Despite Dryug being able to see (or rather, because of it) spurts of laughter cause his daggers to miss their marks. Wil uses magic to convince the last enemy to attack itself. It is a suicidal blow. The darkness slowly dissipates.

The other Ronin finish their enemies and join the group. Revy the Hunter joins Dryug on the balcony and begins to take artwork off the wall and stash it in a bag of holding. Dryug decides to help her, paying careful attention to where she places the bag when they are finished. Meanwhile, Ashar clambers atop a statue and pries the gemstones eyes from the statue with his sword. His ability to accomplish the feat without stabbing himself spoke volumes for his competency with a sword.

Barely stopping to rest despite near exhaustion, Wil leads the group out of the tower and into the town. They come upon another group of undead who are attempting to smash their way into one of the residences. They turn to fight the group, wielding human spines as weapons. The heavily injured Rekas Selchar prances like a wolf, hurts enemies and then falls unconscious. Dryug, still tired, finds a stone well to hide behind. A ghost lashes out at Kyuzo Takimura, temporarily distorting his visage. Everyone nearby froze in their tracks, afraid. The horror subsided and the battle continued. Having been hiding behind a well, Dryug missed the ghastliness and steps out to distract a pair of ghosts. His actions, seemly courageous are a farce. Nearby, actual courage is displayed as the others knowingly engage their fearsome opponents. Miria is able to bring back Rekas Selchar from the brink of death with a stunning display of divine energy. Miria does her best to keep the living alive and make the dead…more dead. Shrieks from the ghosts magically hamper her movement. Wil expels his stamina casting magic at enemies and falls to their onslaught. Kyuzo Takimura falls as well, bleeding terribly. Ashar and Rekas Selchar strike down the last of the skeletons and move to assist Dryug with the ghosts. Dryug sees his comrades lying on the ground and sees Miria unable to move toward them to help. He disengages and administers a magic potion to Kyuzo Takimura, dodging a ghostly hand to do so. He then moves to Wil to apply first aid. Magically revived, Kyuzo Takimura rejoins the fight. At last, Miria is able to break free of the magic immobilizing her. She moves forward and slays the final ghost. Rekas Selchar appears miffed, as he always is when he sees something die that he didn’t kill.

Dryug goes to the house that had been under attack and begins to ask for admittance. He pauses, remember his poor powers of persuasion, and opts to threaten those inside if they fail to open the door. The group is granted entry and find five Vitalian soldiers and a handful of peasants. Ashar begins looking through a chest for valuables.

“Excuse me um, erm, sir?” a normal sized human (meaning only two thirds the size of a genasi) timidly asks Ashar not to go through his things. Ashar stops. The man places a blanket upon the chest and then sits on top of it, attempting to guard his unmentionables. The Ronin arrive shortly afterward, numbering eleven instead of twelve. The body of their dead friend wrapped in a cloak and carried by three of the less injured warriors.

The group goes to sleep. The five guards standing watch. Dryug completes his meditative trance hours before the others awake. He quietly finds the bag of holding in Revy the Hunter‘s belongings, just where he had seen her stash it. It is quietly moved to his own belongings. He waits for the others to awaken.

King Wil awakens first and begins to discuss the whereabouts of the remainder of his army with the surviving soldiers. The soldiers are clearly uncomfortable talking to a king, clearly uncomfortable about having lost nearly all of their friends and acquaintances to undead horrors the night before. They answer Wil’s questions but the process is clearly painful for them.

When Dryug sees Revy the Hunter wake up and begin storing her bedding in her pack, he begins trying to move away the furniture barricading the door to the house. A pair of soldiers rush to the window to ensure no undead await them outside. After minutes of struggling, Dryug contemplates burning his way out.

“We need to get out there and look for survivors!” Dryug boldly announces. A still-sleepy Miria smiles to see Dryug displaying a desire to help others.

Meanwhile, across the room, Revy the Hunter has discovered more of her belongings have gone missing. She quietly asks about them without hearing a useful response.

The tired peasant who had fallen asleep in an awkward position atop his chest startles. He attempts to diffuse the situation, “Ma’am I ain’t seen it. Sure is likely you dropped it flee’n from them monsters.”

“I did not FLEE. Now Where Is My STUFF!?!”

She goes over to Dryug. “You’re a sneaky one. Wouldn’t happen to have taken something that didn’t belong to you, would you have?”

Dryug replies with an honest half-truth, “I’ve taken many things in my life that hadn’t belonged to me.”

She attempts to demand a more specific answer when she realizes that Rekas Selchar has snuck up behind her. “YOU! You’re sneaky, too! Where is my stuff?”

At this point, Wil attempts to intervene. He assesses the situation and immediately goes to Dryug to ask about Revy the Hunter‘s things. There is a bit of back and forth where Dryug is dodgy and noncommittal. He attempts to get Wil to stop asking him questions but instead triggers the noble side of Wil.

He interrupts Revy the Hunter verbally abusing a mostly oblivious barbarian. " Dryug has your stuff."

Revy the Hunter turns. “Give it back.”

“You know my people. I see your armor; your knife. Seems to me you should watch your things more closely when drow are about.”

Revy the Hunter begins a rant about how she obtained the items from a drow that had attempted to backstab her. She had disposed of him quickly.

Unabashedly, he replies, “Seems to me the fellow should have been smoother.”

“Seems to me, you should have been smoother.”

“I was smooth enough,” Dryug states, readying himself for a fight.

All of a sudden Revy the Hunter’s posture changes. Dryug notices eleven Ronin standing beside their leader, Kyuzo Takimura. Kyuzo Takimura stands behind and slightly to the right of Dryug. His hands rest on his weapons with a glare directed toward Revy the Hunter. Wil demands that the Ronin remain neutral in the exchange, but they do not respond.

Dryug smiled at the unexpected benefit of the healing potion he’d served Kyuzo Takimura the night before. He offers to trade his recent acquisition for the necklace she had taken from the tower. She glares. With ease, she pushes aside the furniture that Dryug had been struggling to move. Taking her belongings she storms out of the house. The others exit the house in short order. Revy the Hunter had not gone far. She stood fuming, back turned from the group.

Turning one last time, she caught Meldy‘s attention. “Care to tag along, kid?” Meldy joins her and together they leave the city.

The others search the city for survivors. No other soldiers survived the night; however, the majority of the townspeople appeared unharmed. The group learned that Henri Volchaire had offered them safety in exchange for imprisonment. When the mayor discovers Henri Volchaire has been killed, he leaves the city to provoke a threatened punishment. None comes.

The mayor begins to poetically thank Wil, calling him a brave savior. Wil interrupts the mayor to suggest they leave the ruined city. The mayor, sullen from being interrupted gathers the townspeople together and they prepare to depart. The adventurers, what remained of King Wil’s army and the mighty Ronin do their best to take up defensive positions around the group. Thankfully they encounters no trouble on their way back to Bonifant.


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