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The End

The wurm races at Ashar. Ashar teleports away as it rushes past and Dryug drops into the hole to make an attack from behind. Rekas Selchar runs, jumps, ?dives? at the beast below, startling it with a mighty blow. Ashar rejoins the battle and is claimed by the monster’s teeth. Miria seeing the others committed to carnage drops down (not gracefully) into the whole to help keep them alive. Kyuzo Takimura can’t see an opening for his blade, so he waits for the others to tire…and waits. Dryug remembers himself and steps back fight at a distance, making room for the warrior. The gnome creates magics and lights, but the blind wurm seems unaffected. He gives up to check the final of the four doors.

Below Ashar and Rekas Selchar take turns in the wurm’s jaws. Miria‘s is discourages the wurm, and Dryug is able to deal a killing blow to the beast. Above, the gnome sets off a trap. A dragon skull launches energy at him. The room is otherwise empty. Below the tunnel is explored, only to determine that it is a circular loop without offshoots.

The group recollects themselves after battle. The rest and continue on down the hallway behind door number three. Onward and down the hallway the group goes, Dryug and Rekas Selchar quietly scouting ahead, followed by a not-so-quiet Oryn, followed by the others. The hallway twists and reality twists with it. The hallway ceases to be a hallway, becoming a living room full of disgusting enemies. Miria’s face twists in disgust. Creatures with something wiggling under their skin attack. Monsters from atop the walls fling poo at those below and as the wiggly men are weakened, they shed their skin to become frog-like atrocities. Worst of all was a very short, strange, ginger man who laughs and attempts to rub his tumor covered arm upon the adventurers whenever he sees an opportunity.

The adventurers are victorious and the room transforms back to a twisted hallway. They continue down the hallway, hopeful to never have an experience like that ever, EVER again.

At the end of the hallway is a room filled with the corpses of about 20 recently slain drow. A door leads to another hallway. A staircase leads up. The group sees footprints in the blood leading up to the next level. At the top of the stairs is another room and a single drow. Dryug recognizes her apparel as that of a high priestess. Standing facing her is a figure the whole group recognizes. Nodding to himself after sizing up the drow, Fernando Lamas states, “My friends, the goal is behind that door. I’ll distract the wench.”

The group nods. Kyuzo Takimura wishes him luck.

Fernando Lamas draws steel and a masterful duel begins. The group carefully circumvented the battle, opened the door, and climbed yet another staircase. These stairs opened to a the roof. Awaiting them of course, was Adriana Prevot, or at least half of her. She hovered above the ground, dangling tentacles in place of legs. Her upper torso remained relatively unchanged from its previous undead manifestation. She called each of the adventurers by odd names. Not really caring the group drew their weapons, excited to kill her a third time.
Behind them, a purple dragon had phased through the floor to sneak attack them from behind. A tremendous blast of psychic energy came at the adventurers from behind. The psychic energy dazes and stuns the adventurers.

As if anticipating it, Dryug‘s mind instantly becomes a fortress and the energy splashes harmlessly against his mind like waves against the thick walls of a castle on the coast. “Hello, Master,” Dryug growls in deep speech.

“Hello, Dryug.”

The dragon tries to own Miria’s mind but she resists. Unbothered, she casually swipes a claw at Dryug. Orryn’s mind does not resist her domination. Although, his mind remains guarded, Dryug‘s attacks are lackluster. His fear and hate for the dragon leave the drow flustered.

Adriana Prevot teleports around the roof of the castle, each time causing confusion to her attackers. Rekas Selchar swings his sword at Miria instead of Adriana Prevot. He misses both. Another giant mind blast emanates from the dragon. Adriana Prevot teleports out of its area of effect.

The dragon flies up and slightly out of reach. Seeing an opportunity to eliminate Adriana Prevot, Dryug attempts to slide a burning dagger through her throat, but her throat is no longer there. Orryn, now alone to face the dragon, prepares to die; however, Ashar from across the roof of the castle, comes to his aid.

Adriana Prevot teleports again and attacks. Rekas Selchar charges and slices her in half…again. Ashar sends the dragon to the void to allow the adventurers a moment to regroup. She reappears and is surrounded. She attempts to fly out of reach, but Rekas Selchar knocks her prone with a dazzling leaping swing of his blade. Kyuzo Takimura slows her with ice.

Another mental blast drops Orryn. Kyuzo Takimura rushes toward him and leans in to perform mouth-to-mouth recitation. Miria teleport-swaps-places with Kyuzo Takimura to prevent that psychologically unfortunate event. She moves her lips away from the gnome and instead administers a magical potion. The dragon blasts Orryn again. Rekas Selchar kills the dragon and the floating island in the distance almost immediately disappears.

Moments later it reappears near the castle. Dryug goes down the stairs to check on Fernando Lamas, secretly wiping away tears of joy and relief as he makes his way down the stairs. She was gone.

At the bottom of the steps, Dryug finds Fernando Lamas resting against a wall. He is wounded but not dying. The drow priestess is nowhere to be seen. Dryug helps Fernando Lamas up the stairs.

Mindartis arrives on the roof with his floating island before Dryug returns with Fernando Lamas. Mindartis asks about Fernando Lamas and is pleased to see him climb up the stairs. He is less pleased to see Dryug still alive and helping him climb.

The group is teleported to the island with the powerful artifacts that Adriana Prevot had once again used for evil. A conversation begins about what to do with the artifacts. Mindartis asks if anyone knows what has become of the descendents of Wimbly.

“The human child that had no place on the battlefield. The incredibly talented one…who was only slightly less distasteful than a drow…she is of his line.”

“Excellent,” says Mindartis. “But who said she was even remotely near as distasteful as you.”

Miria immediately defends Dryug. In her next breath, she questions the wisdom of giving a powerful trident to an emotionally disturbed teenager. Rekas Selchar shrugs and gives Meldy the trident. It becomes pure electricity and disappears.

Mindartis refuses to transport the group to Twin Sword Springs to return the fire giant’s heart. Dryug asks why such a dangerous hill can be allowed to exist. Mindartis says he would destroy it if he could (Dryug does not believe him). The entire group, including Orryn, are returned to Bonifant.

The End


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