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Halflings Galore!

  • Dryug goes off to scout. He returns with a female half-elf bard, Walta. She explains that since Quest was destroyed during the battle, she is now travelling south. Everyone agrees to travel together.
  • The party then meets a carriage travelling north. It’s driven by a female human bard called Lillium the Flower. Upon hearing that Twin Sword Springs has been destroyed, and that the party is headed for Bonifant, she asks to travel with them. The combined group continues heading south.
  • The road travels beside a shallow stream, which descends into a gorge. The end of the gorge is blocked by a halfling in plate armor. He demands the group’s money. When they refuse, more halflings pop up on either side of the gorge, and some rage drakes charge in from either end.
  • The halflings fire poisoned crossbow bolts. Dryug flies up to attack the halflings on one side of the gorge, and Wil teleports up next to him. Miria, Walta, and Lillium fight from the carriage. The armor-wearing halfling is quickly killed, and Miria strikes the rage drakes with several devastating blows. Lillium banishes one drake to the feywild for a short time. The other drake smashes Miria through the carriage. After Dryug and Wil kill both halflings on one side of the gorge, Dryug leaps over the valley to attack the other halfling. The second rage drake reappears and kills Lillium’s horse. The remaining halfling jumps on top of a rage drake, right before Miria kills it. Dryug jumps onto the other rage drake, and manages to control it, but Wil fries it with a bolt of electricity. The sole surviving halfling surrenders. After being looted, saying he has no more thieving friends, and promising to leave his life of crime, the halfling is allowed to leave.
  • The party arrives in Silver Hill. Everyone except the bards go to Bloodbath and Beyond to sell things. The bards send their fans to buy a new horse, and manage to secure an audience with Guard-Captain Raegnar. They perform for him and the other high ranking town guards. The guards are mildly impressed and pay the bards 16 gold.
  • Everyone heads to the Shifty Hedgehog to spend the night. Upon finding that only one room is available at the inn, Lillium demands the the innkeeper kick the other guests out. He agrees to do so, and the party is served beef stew and sourdough in their rooms.
  • Later on, Miria and Walta’s room is invaded by an angry female halfling, who apparently had this room before she was kicked out. Lillium overhears the argument, and offers to pay for the halfling to stay at another inn. The halfling agrees.
  • In the morning, the group gets ready to head on to Four Stones.


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