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Who Let the Dogs Out?

Dryug follows Miria from the docks to the Temple where she meets up with Rovindor and Catcall. She doesn’t know she’s being followed.

She asks Catcall and Rovindor Hammersmith if they’ve seen Dryug. Catcall says they haven’t, but complains that her hawk got caught in a net while it was looking for him.

Dryug appears and says something clever. Miria is shocked speechless, catches herself, and asks where he’s been. Dryug is his usual dodgy self. He says something about hiding from a hawk. Miria retorts that Dryug knows the hawk and shouldn’t be hiding from it. Dryug says he wasn’t feeling himself. Miria is miffed by Dryug being dodgy. She emphasizes how hard they’ve all been looking for him and mentions going in the sewers to look for him.

They go to meet up with the others. Rekas Selchar asks if Dryug is “in control.” Dryug says yes and Rekas Selchar nearly knocks him over with an affectionate slap on the back. Will asks him where’ he’s been and is ignored.

Ashar introduces himself to Dryug, Catcall, and Rovindor Hammersmith.

The group uses stealth and cunning to avoid detection and arrive at the docks (barely avoiding bounty hunters or some other trouble dreamed up by the DM).

Dryug offers to climb the rigging and keep watch for hazards (getting a 5gp discount on his fare). Hope attempts to convince the captain that Wil is an accomplished sailor. Wil‘s performance on a series of sailor tests is mediocre.

Meanwhile, Rekas Selchar gets into a gentleman’s brawl with a sailor. The sailor wins, offers consolation booze. Rekas Selchar proves less manly than the sailor again.

Miria, Dryug and Hope get sea sick.

The group sails two days. The captain does not want to dock in Bonifant and drops the party off in a cove south of the city. This is done under the cover of night.

The adventurers see torchlight coming toward them and attempt to hide. They fail. Vitalian soldiers find them and demand to know who they are and why they’re in the cove. Hope becomes a little girl and babbles about “her mommy.” The soldiers draw their swords.

Battle ensues. The little girl formerly known as Hope, formerly known as Lillium the Flower becomes a drow. Rekas Selchar kills lots of soldiers. The others help. Hope the drow tries to convince the party to spare someone, but doesn’t have any reason for sparing them. Miria does not want to kill the man now that he is unarmed and not threatening them. Miria and Hope argue. Rekas Selchar kills the man, ending the argument. Hope takes on the mans appearance (probably irritating Miria more).

Miria is unhappy and goes to pray. Rovindor Hammersmith and Catcall mourn with her over the sensless killing. Everyone else (except Wil) go to weigh down the bodies under the water with rocks. Before doing so, Hope takes a set of chainmail from one of the soldiers.

Wil goes up the hill by himself, still wounded from battle. Wild dogs attack him, kill him, and begin to eat him. They then decide to carry his corpse to their lair to finish their meal.

The others hear crazy noises from the cliffs where Wil disappeared. They race toward the noises to investigate. Dryug is fastest. He runs to Wil‘s corpse, getting bit in the process, and covers himself, the corpse and the dogs in darkness. He then starts punching dogs while he waits for the others to catch up.

The dogs start knocking everyone down. They get up again. They aint never gonna keep em down. The dogs die.

Miria looks at Wil’s corpse. There’s nothing she can do. Asher takes some corpses and starts dragging them to the beach where the first battle happened. Dryug throws another dog corpse off the cliff, whether it was to be helpful or obnoxious was unclear to the others.

The group notices campfires in the distance. Dryug goes to investigate, sees a variety of races, most folk look poor. He reports. The group remembers Wil talking about racism in Vitalia and suspects these people could be allies. Together they walk to the campfires.

The group is able to find a healer in the encampment, but he does not possess the components necessary to raise Wil from the dead. Hope who is now an elf woman is sent to buy them. Hope trades the chainmail he took from the soldier in exchange for a Vitalian peasant dress. He is warned that Vitalians might not take kindly to an elf.

As soon as Hope is out of the encampment he(she?) changes into a Vitalian woman and goes into town. Hope buys supplies, then buys VERY expensive dinner, then goes shopping for VERY expensive clothes.

Hope returns to the camp in elf form with the components. The resurrection ritual begins.

No one in the camp has seen or heard of anyone matching Telmar’s description, however the groups leader, an old man, notes that many half elves try to pose as humans and live in town.


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