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You are my Sworn Friends!

  • Rovendor and Rekas Selchar leave the temple through the secret exit. As soon as Mr. Ma realizes that the Yuan-ti leader didn’t succumb to his instant friends spell, he turns tail and rides out the exit as well.
  • Hilbert Cantormann rushes forward to engage the Yuan-ti. They surround him, cornering him against a wall. Dryug pushes some of them away, giving Hilbert an escape route. Hilbert unleashes a thunder spell against his attackers. The wave of energy misses most of his assailants, but it crashes into the walls of the temple. The temple begins to collapse.
  • The Yuan-ti leader realizes the danger and flees. Dryug casts his darkness spell on the other Yuan-ti before running. The remaining Yuan-ti crash into each other as they try to all push through the door after Dryug and Hilbert.
  • Our heroes escape into the daylight as the passage collapses behind them. As they turn and look back at the City of Fangs, they see the dome of the temple collapse. The Yuan-ti’s neighbors are taking advantage of the opportunity afforded them, and are looting the city. The lizardmen avoid direct conflict with Yuan-ti forces, but are gleefully picking off stragglers.
  • The party sneaks away from the city, avoiding the notice of any Yuan-ti patrols. Several hours later, Mr. Ma approaches the party. He is accused by Wil of being a coward and a traitor. Hilbert comes to Mr. Ma’s defense.
  • Their argument is interrupted by a group of Yuan-ti. Mr. Ma intimidates the Yuan-ti into thinking that attacking the party means certain death. Their resolve is wavering when Hilbert informs them that they are going to die either way. Combat ensues.
  • The leader of this group of Yuan-ti points at Hilbert and says, “Prepare to die, my sworn enemy!” With this, the two avengers engage in hand to hand combat. The other Yuan-ti engage the other party members. They are trained for swamp warfare, and quickly move through the thigh-deep water. However, they are all easily defeated by our heroes.
  • The Yuan-ti avenger was carrying magic diamond bracers, a magic helmet, and a symbol devoted to the Yuan-ti’s dark god, Zehir. Dryug gives the diamond bracers to Miria because she is a girl. Hilbert takes the helmet, and destroys Zehir’s symbol. Miria gives Wil her magical amulet so that everyone has equal numbers of magic items.
  • Mr. Ma reveals that he is not actually looking for adventure, but rather is looking to take notes on adventurers. His people, the swamp gnomes, collect data on up-and-coming heroes, and sell this information to interested parties. Mr. Ma says he does not know who these interested parties are; he just collects the information.
  • Telmar rejoins the party. He looks as if he has been in a fight, unlike when he was found next to Kornzinalikur’s corpse. He is also not wearing the chainmail the adventurers last saw him in. Instead, he is wearing gray and black traveling clothes. He says the dragon attack on the City of Fangs was a lucky coincidence, and guesses the dragon was either gray or steel.
  • The party arrives at the Hospitaller Base. Jaeleo Artimer greets them, and tells them that Tea has brought a arcanist capable of performing the ritual to raise Valez Du’ Urth. Tea is no longer there; she had to go back to her job in Twin Sword Springs. Hilbert ceremoniously buries the dessicated badger head he took from the Yuan-ti temple. Jaeleo tells him that no one has seen the living badgers that were rescued from the temple. Telmar says that he needs to go visit someone, and leaves the fort. Before he goes, Dryug asks him if he is in the business of killing dragons. Telmar replies, “Only those that don’t know their place.”
  • Everyone heads to the room where Valez’s body is being kept. Octavius is one of the Hospitaliers standing guard in the room. They are greeted by an old woman who introduces herself as Hagatha. She places the feather of the Raven Queen on Valez’s chest. When asked why she is helping, Hagatha explains that Valez’s resurrection will annoy a friend of hers.
  • Hagatha explains that one additional ingredient is needed for the ritual. Mr. Ma correctly guesses that the missing component is a sacrifice. Octavius quickly volunteers, Hagatha makes a simple gesture, and Octavius’ life force is drained from his body and transferred to Valez. Octavius collapses to the floor. Miria rushes to help him while Dryug and the remaining hospitallers charge Hagatha.
  • Hagatha laughs manically as her form wavers and dissipates. Before she vanishes completely, she appears to transform into a much younger woman. Mr. Ma guesses that she has teleported away, and either just cast or dispelled a disguise spell.
  • Miria, Jaeleo, and the other hospitallers are unable to revive Octavius. They know little about him, except that he was originally from the Amber Forest. Mr. Ma prepares to leave with the information he has gathered. Dryug steals Mr. Ma’s notes. Mr. Ma catches Dryug in the act, but lets him take his papers anyway. Mr. Ma heads back to his home.
  • Valez wakes up. He wants to travel to Four Stones. He explains that while he and Hilbert were dead, they defended the town from an undead invasion. He wishes to see how the town is doing now. The rest of the party agrees to do this, as it is only a few days away, and the next place to go to is Vitalio.
  • As the party travels along the road to Twin Sword Springs, Silver Hill, and Four Stones, they are attacked by corrupted plants. The fighting is fierce, but our heroes are victorious. Wil captures some plant souls in his helmet.
  • Hilbert declares that with the City of Fangs in ruins, their temple destroyed, and the queen bee in his possession, it is time for him to hibernate. He walks off into the sunset, declaring “You are my sworn friends!”


Great parting line, Brian! You will be missed.

You are my Sworn Friends!
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