Leon Cornet

Retired Vitalian General


Leon Cornet joined the military at a young age. He is a career soldier, and has spent two decades as a general in the Vitalian army. During this time, he watched his country slowly descend into madness. When Adriana Prevot was appointed chancellor, Leon retired from the military. Despite deep misgivings, Leon has gathered fellow Vitalian “patriots” to plot against his king. Despite being guilty of treason, Leon will not abandon his honor. “Honor is what separates us from them,” he often says. Although his distaste for underhanded tactics hampers the Vitalian resistance, the respect, experience, and air of legitimacy that General Cornet brings to the rebellion is greatly valued by all.

While investigating the remains of Adriana Prevot’s portal to the far realm, General Cornet was killed by a foul gibberer. Rekas Selchar avenged his death.

Leon Cornet

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