Jin-Feyn Talvanae

Acting guildmaster of Team Zalthannus


Jin-Feyn Talvanae is an eladrin swordswoman, and the acting guildmaster for Team Zalthannus. She is tall, fair, and slender, like most eladrin, has long, loose, black hair, and green eyes with golden flecks. She met the Dragon Riders while they were adventuring in the feywild. At that time, she was an unwilling member a criminal organization called The Tapestry of Stolen Tears because The Tapestry kept her sister as a hostage. Once the Dragon Riders freed her sister, she devoted herself to fighting the tapestry. Later on, she joined The Riders’ adventuring guild, Team Zalthannus, and now with all of The Riders either dead or missing, she runs the guild. She is renowned for both her calm leadership, and her formidable fighting skills.

As one of the most prominent citizens in Amollo, Jin-Feyn tries to use her influence to inspire the people of the town to good deeds. She is reluctant to interfere directly in the day to day operations of the city, since this would be an abuse of power. She looks for promising youngsters to recruit into the Guild, and offers them protection and training.

Jin-Feyn met Hope, Rekas Selchar, Wil, Ashar, and Miria while the group was attempting to bring down the criminal group Ravenous with the assistance of Perra Talstar. She scolded the adventurers for their reckless actions, and commanded Perra to abandon the quest. Later, Wil wrote her a letter of apology.

Jin-Feyn wields a finely-crafted longsword designed to parry enemies’ attacks. A noble eladrin family gave it to her when she rescued their son from The Tapestry. She is protected by drowmesh armor infused with the power of shadow. She obtained this during a trip to The Shadowfell to support The Dragon Riders. She wears a small, green gemstone on a chain around her neck. It gives her telepathic powers.

Jin-Feyn has been part of many adventures. After her sister, Magna-Lun, was rescued by The Dragon Riders, she returned to her parents, and ensured her family was safe. She relocated them to a secluded region of The Forest of Amber, out of The Feywild and The Tapestry’s reach. Then, she began her fight with The Tapestry.

As a single eladrin, Jin-Feyn could not do much. So, she found like minded individuals, starting with the other slaves freed by the Dragon Riders. Many were unwilling to challenge The Tapestry, but a few were willing to risk reprisal, or had nothing left to lose. When The Dragon Riders succeeded in destroying The Book of Years, The Tapestry was thrown into chaos. Jin-Feyn used the opportunity to kill several of The Tapestry’s leaders, and to expose several of their dark mysteries. This greatly weakened The Tapestry’s influence in eldarin society. The Tapestry believes that Jin-Feyn kept some of their secrets hidden, in order to protect herself from their revenge. They have not tried to test this theory, yet.

With The Tapestry in pieces, Jin-Feyn turned her attention elsewhere. She was tired of dealing with eladrin and their secretive ways, so she journeyed to the mortal world. The world was in chaos as Fyrus and his army of undead did battle against the forces of good. Her reputation grew, as many saw her swordsmanship and courage. She was part of the final battle in the Shadowfell, where she slew one of Fyrus’ powerful deathknights.

Afterwards, Jin-Feyn travelled to Amollo with The Dragon Riders. She accepted their invitation to join their guild, and became one of Team Zalthannus’ most renowned members. She was part of the group that captured the minotaurs’ flagship by boarding it at night, and participated in the storming of the harpy queen’s lair.

With Arygno’s passing, Galendan became the last surviving Dragon Rider. With his last meaningful connection to the natural world gone, he journeyed to The Feywild with his dragon, Loki. In his absence, Jin-Feyn assumed leadership of Team Zalthannus. Under her guidance, the guild has grown, although its new members have not achieved the renown of the Dragon Riders of old.

Over the years, Team Zalthannus spent more of its energies far away from Amollo, and Amollo’s wealthy residents moved to the prosperous city of Sunwyn. In this vacuum, organized crime began to flourish. Jin-Feyn ignored these developments. There were always undead to slay, cultists to foil, or dangerous portals to close. The city watch and the common folk could deal with organized crime. As an eladrin, Jin-Feyn considered the long-term ramifications of her actions. It would be easy to charge in and kill a few crime bosses, but what kind of precedent would that set? Who might she unknowingly hurt in the process? Would the people expect heroes to solve all their problems? And so, Ravenous’s power grew.

Jin-Feyn Talvanae

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