The master of Ravenous


McGregor is the leader of the criminal gang known as Ravenous. He is the face of the group and came into Amollo almost 5 years ago. The mere threat of his name is enough to coerce most Amollans into doing his bidding. He has many secret hideouts throughout the city, but the local authorities know they do not have the resources to challenge him, and so far, he has managed to avoid being attacked by more powerful entities. He himself is known to slip into shadows and they say he can predict the outcome of any battle. The story concerning his entrance into Amollo is less than fantastical, but those who know him say that is may be down played.

The crime family known as the Rising Sun was hit first. The family’s leader was a fierce human known as the Sun. He had two sons who he used to increase his power through networks and turf wars. Sun came back to his throne room one night anticipating updates on the profits his sons had acquired for him, but instead found McGregor sitting on his chair. McGregor had his boot on the back of one of his sons. The other was underneath him. The carpet was gold, but was stained crimson. Whatever happened next is a mystery, but whatever McGregor did it caused Sun to hang himself the next morning.

McGregor is fierce, dangerous, smart, cunning, and everything Amollo has feared. The ones close to him are loyal and zealous. They do not take bribes. They do not accept no. They do not allow defeat.


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