Adriana Prevot's Former Apprentice


Meldy is a teenaged girl, about 14 years old. Previously, Meldy was often seen around Adriana Prevot in Bonifant and other places and assumed by the commonfolk to be her apprentice. She had since been missing since the fall of the previous regime and defeat of Prevot in the past weeks.

The PCs encounter Meldy on the way to Parth in the town of Wimbli. The town was destroyed in a battle 5 years ago between Prevot and three other mages, leaving no survivors. However, Medly claims that Wimbli is her birthplace. She is standing in front of a statue of Wimbli which grants her increased lightning abilities, and she seems to be a descendant of Wimbly because she appears to have enhanced lightning abilities from it.

She is wearing a red cloak and a periwinkle shirt. This is the town of her birthplace, and she claims she has more power here in order to defeat the PCs.

King Wil and the PCs approach her and ask her what she is doing, and she says she is going to take revenge for the death of Prevot. Wil attacks her, and she summons 2 fire and 4 earth elementals and proceeds to fight the party. She calls out the priority of various targets of which Wil is 6, Dryug is 4, Rekas Selchar is 2, and Hope is 1 for betraying Prevot.

In the middle of the battle, the PCs tell her that Prevot wasn’t dead and she breaks out a candle to confirm the PCs’ stories. She then becomes flustered. Dryug asks her if she wants to kill vampires, and she dismisses her elementals and tells them to go. Rovindor asks her if there’s anything she wants to tell Prevot if we run across here. Meldy replies that she wants Prevot to come get her and collapses to the ground.

The PCs leave her there on the ground and move on toward Parth.

At Parth, the PCs find Meldy trying to sneak into the city. They convince her to travel with them instead, and get her to cure their Mummy Rot, in exchange for their help in finding Adriana Prevot. She explains to Dryug that Prevot was like a mother to her after her parents died, presumably when Wimbli was destroyed. Meldy is separated from the PCs once they enter Parth’s wizard tower, but she reappears during the showdown between the PCs, Henri Volchaire, and Adriana Prevot. She accuses Henri of taking Adriana away from her, and attacks him. She assists in killing the vampire lord and his minions before travelling back to Bonifant with Revy the Hunter.

Meldy participates in the battle to defend Amon Elende. After the fight, she is given the artifact, Wimbli’s Trident, by Rekas Selchar. She claims that the trident belongs to her because she is Wimbli’s descendent.

Seven years later, Meldy lives aboard a flying ship called The Adriana. She still possesses the trident, and is one of the few people free from the drow sorceress Nhilithra Zauath.


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