Nhilithra Zauath

Ruler of Okknos


Nhilithra Zauath is a powerful drow priestess with both draconic and aberrant powers. When first encountered, she was under the control of a purple dragon. When the dragon was slain by Rekas Selchar, she was able to absorb some of its powers, as well as the powers of the dragon’s partner, Adriana Prevot. She also marinated an arcane connection to the artifacts that Adriana Prevot had gathered: The Aqua Helix, The Heart of the Fire Titan, and Wimbli’s Trident. While Meldy was able to hide the trident from Nhilithra, the drow acquired The Fire Heart and The Aqua Helix, as well as control of Amon Elende. From there, she has conquered the known world, and as only grown more powerful from the artifacts of her defeated enemies.

Nhilithra appears similar to most drow priestesses with two exceptions. She has one red eye and one purple eye, and she has four long, snakelike tentacles where her right arm should be. The purple eye is a manifestation of her draconic power, while the tentacles allow her to cast aberrant spells.

Nhilithra Zauath

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