Adriana Prevot

Former Chancellor of Vitalio


Chancellor Adriana Prevot was one of the most feared individuals in all of Vitalio. She was a magician of tremendous power, far surpassing even the most venerable members of Vitalio’s famed magic academies. In fact, the headmasters at these academies were at a loss to explain where she got her power from, although some have privately speculated Adriana’s power came from an entirely different source than their own. This arcane power did come with a few visible side effects, though. Adriana’s hair turned purple, and she had a strange black mark on her lower jaw. There were rumors of more disturbing abnormalities, but these were not spoken of around the chancellor.

In addition to her tremendous magical power, Chancellor Prevot wielded substantial political influence. Over the past few years, she became King Chamoun IV’s most trusted advisor, and some disgruntled members of the royal court privately suggested that she essentially ran Vitalio. In any case, as Adriana grew in power, Vitalio became more aggressive, both toward other nations, and toward its own people.

Adriana was constructing a portal to the far realm to summon a creature she called “The Nameless One.” Before she could finish, she was ambushed by a band of adventurers. The barbarian Rekas Selchar evaded her few remaining guards, and cut her in half with a vicious blow. Her body was buried secretly by the Vitalian resistance.

However, several disturbing clues hinted that Adriana Prevot was not dead. First, the changeling, Hope, was visited by Adriana in visions. Second, Adriana’s grave is empty. Third, the vampire, Henri Volchaire, spoke of returning Adriana’s wand to “its rightful owner.” These suspicions were confirmed when a company of Vitalian soldiers were attacked by a horde of undead commanded by Henri Volchaire and Adriana at Parth. The vampiric Prevot eventually escaped by transforming into a cloud of mist. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Several days later, the magical hill Amon Elende was attacked by an army of foulspawn and underdark creatures. Adriana was eventually found to be behind this attack, along with a purple dragon. However, this time she appeared somewhat different. Instead of a vampiric appearance, the lower half of her body was missing. In its place was a mass of writhing tentacles. This incarnation of Prevot was also struck down by Rekas Selchar.

Adriana Prevot

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