Rekas Selchar

Rekas Selchar is a human barbarian from the Hago tribe of the Serei Shava.


Rekas Selchar is a fierce warrior who hails from the arid Shavaran Waste. He makes an imposing figure, standing a full six and a half feet tall, covered in a full-body tattoo which marks him as a blooded man of the Hago-Shava. Twin desert wolves adorn his arms, and his face is covered in elaborate, swirling tendrils which screaming faces in a final moment of terror. He wears a grisly necklace which bears trophies from defeated foes. The ashen fur of a vale-bear drapes from his shoulders, completing the fearsome picture.

His necklace contains the following:

A claw from a swamp crocodile
Tendrils from a felltaint thoughtscourge
An ear from a foulspawn creature
The tentacle of a foul giberrer.
An eye-stalk from a Beholder Eye Tyrant

He has slain the following foes:

Aric Blacktree, a thief who sought to rob the Hungry Hungry Halfling.
A Crocodile of the Yuan-Ti swamps.
A Felltaint Thoughtscourge that lived beneath the City of Fangs
A Powerful Acolyte of the Yuan-Ti
Adriana Prevot, Chancellor of Vitalio
Anton Linheart, Captain of the Vitalian Royal Guard
A Foul Gibberrer of the Far Realm which dwelt beneath the Royal Castle in Bonifant
Borit the Vampire.
A Beholder Eye Tyrant of the Far Realm.

Rekas Selchar

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