Okknos Prime

The Most Exciting Adventure!

Prior to the adventure, Kyuzo Takimura invites everyone to tea. Revy the Hunter and the eladrin leader of the hill are not pleased to see Dryug. Dryug grows board and quietly spikes Orryn’s tea cup. The little gnome gets loud and somewhat demanding, interrupting Kyuzo Takimura sharing his philosophies with the group. “More tea please! Hiccup.”

The group rests and rises early the next morning to embark on their journey. Fernando Lamas leads them expertly through the murky swamplands. The group is making excellent time untile they are accosted by fish people and some giant, nasty, red foulspawn.

Dryug charges off and gets surrounded. He doesn’t seem overly concerned but accepts Kyuzo Takimura‘s offer of assistance. Kyuzo Takimura runs up and hits the large red foulspawn six times in rapid succession, his final blow killing the monstrosity. The others team up on the remaining foulspawn. Rekas Selchar ends up kicking the other red foulspawn to death while howling like a wolf. The fish people die in rapid succession. At one point, Miria blinks and when she opens her eyes, she realizes all of the fish people around her had been slain. Ashar gets his sword stuck on the final fish-mans ucky shield. Soon that fish man is dead as well. As Ashar attempts to pry his sword from the sticky shield, Fernando Lamas exclaims, "My that was interesting, wasn’t it? On we go." Though older than most in the group, he has managed not even to break a sweat.

After several more hours of traveling, the group comes to the edge of the swamp. Across a clearing is the dark castle. The castle exudes a feeling of wrongness, even from that distance.

The castle contorts oddly. At first the group believes it is all an illusion, until it “gives birth” to two gibering monsters, all eyes and mouths. Foulspawn and drow came out of the castle using a more conventional method (a gate). Rekas Selchar and Fernando Lamas charge toward the gibberers, they seem to be slowed as they approach and both end their charges early. The others engage the drow and foulspawn. The enemies do not live long. One of the drow is carrying a curious grappling hook.

Dryug attempts to climb the wall and tentacles come out of it and grab him. He breathes fire at the wall and jumps back. Fernando Lamas suggests usin the grappling hook to enter through an upper window. Rekas Selchar, Ashar, and Fernando Lamas climb the rope. Orryn attempts to walk up, falls and then climbs like a sensible being. Miria looks at the rope, unsure of herself. She asks Dryug for help and he replies that he probably isn’t strong enough to carry her in her armor. Surprisingly, he does not have a lude look on his face when he suggests she could take off her…Miria stops Dryug midsentence, blushing. She manages to climb up the rope on her own. Dryug unattaches the grappling hook from the ground and flies up after everyone.

Fernando Lamas says the group should split up and look for the disturbance. He goes one way and suggests everyone else go the other way. Kyuzo Takimura says that Fernando Lamas shouldn’t go alone.

The most interesting man replies, “I never explore haunted castles with others, but when I do, I do it with ladies.” He turns and walks away from the others.

The group makes their way down the hallway in the opposite direction from Fernando Lamas. At the end of the hallway is a doorway with a carving of a four headed lizard on it.

“It doesn’t look trapped. Should we open it?”

“I don’t think we should go in there. I think there’s a four headed lizard in there,” warns Orryn.

Rekas Selchar just opens the door. Orryns warning proves true. Dryug walks up and closes the door. The door simply bursts open moments later and fire spews into the hallway. The three heads not bursting with fire begin to nibble on Rekas Selchar. Ashar banishes the lizard to the void. The group repositions. Rekas Selchar swoons from the burning and the biting, catches himself, and then is healed by Miria. Dryug flies into the room and tries to unlock a door on the far side fo the room. He’s still onfire and flustered and fails. The lizard rematerializes. Kyuzo Takimura cuts off a head and two more grow from the stump of a neck. Dryug uses his newly acquired magic accorn. A metal construct aids everyone’s attacks. Kyuzo Takimura, Ashar, and Rekas Selchar continue to slash at the beast. Severed heads fly. Meanwhile, the gnome frantically tries to get into any of the locked doors, failing again and again. Miria slays the beast and Rekas Selchar feels cheated. Dryug and Rekas Selchar then move toward the doors, attempting to help the gnome. Dryug uses cunnning, and Rekas Selchar brute strength. The adventure continues in four doors and a hydra.


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